HADES DARK FLOWER - Energy Infused Choker and Bracelet Set

The Flower of Tartarus

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    HADES DARK FLOWER Reiki Charged macrame Bracelet and Choker Jewelry Set, Reiki charging period of 12 Full Moons, exclusively made of Mount Vesuvius' Lava Stones 

    Hades Dark Flower is a unique bracelet, and Choker Jewelry set, due to a plethora of reasons.

    To begin with, the jewelry set has been exclusively made of Lava Stones that have been retrieved from the famous Mount Vesuvius' core.

    Moreover, Hades Dark Flower has been infused with a specific kind of Moon Reiki energy; and to do so the energy charging process required 12 Full Moons. In other words, in order to create Hades Dark Flower it took us 1 year of energy charging!

    In regards to the Bracelet:

    The bracelet consists of 12 dark flowers; each charged on a specific month and under a specific full moon.

    What is more, the bracelet is adjustable so as to fit on any wrist-type.

    In regards to the Choker:

    The Choker, is placed in the area of the "The Throat Chakra" (and close to the Adam's Apple) - which further enhances the lava stones' strength in the area of successful communication and influencing how authentically you convey your deepest self to the world.

    Finally, Hades Dark Flower combines both energy infusion and Reiki charging.

    Hades Dark Flower is dark, powerful and unique in every aspect; for people that want to be anything but ordinary. 

    Moreover, by combining purified, cleansed and Reiki charged beads we created a jewelry of the purest form so as to enhance your spiritual endeavours.

    Finally, only the highest quality of gemstone beads were used to ensure that you are getting the best and most pure energy from the jewelry. They are all attuned with Reiki energy before shipping them to you and all beads are cleansed with sound and smoke; and completed with the purification prayer ritual.

    Base Materials:
    Pure Lava Stone

    Size of Beads:
    4 mm and 8 mm Lava Stone

    Choker Dimensions (in cm):
    ca 33 (plus extension chain)

    Bracelet Length:
    adjustable, 17-22 cm

    This design is Copyright by DeMar © 2018

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    Rock Specks

    Color: Black

    Type of stone: Basalt aka Lava Rock

    Hardness: 2

    Chakra: Crown and Higher Crown Chakras

    Element: Fire & Earth

    Planet: Earth

    Numerological Number: 1

    Astrological: Taurus & Cancer

    Magickal Uses: Dream work, Enhancing Creativity, Communication, Cleansing Negativity


    Volcanic Lava Rock 

    Mother Earth has indeed gifted us with many treasures. But there’s one stone that stands tall, simply because it’s a part of the earth’s womb, itself. And that is the volcanic lava stone. Once it arises to the surface and cools it is used and designed for fashion and spiritual use. The black lava stone has been around for centuries and various indigenous tribes and communities have used black lava stone beads. Although not as attractive as jewelry made from precious stones, a volcanic stone bracelet makes up for their earthy appearance with their spiritual mystique.

    So, you may still ask yourself, what is lava stone? To break it up to you, lava stone or volcanic beads as we use them are precious stones that now a day are mostly used either as volcanic rock jewelry or as talismans, and are quite popular as accessories.

    There’s a special bond between the black lava rock beads and our beloved planet. Knowing the fact that it comes directly from Earth’s core, the lava beads meaning is of grounding and connecting with nature. Native Americans would wear a piece a lava mineral before war for where it is believed lava rock energy would bring them courage and strength. Thus why, it’s more common to see mens lava stone bracelets.


    Lava Rock Properties

    It’s believed that emotional and spiritual lava healing properties can be obtained by each person that wears a real lava stone bead bracelet, because of their strong association with the Earth. Due to this earthly connection, volcanic rock beads are seen as symbols of fertility, endurance and strength. From a spiritual perspective, a lava gemstone is great for grounding the root chakra and starting your day off with a slight pump into some mindfulness meditation. For better absorption of their lava stone healing properties, it is recommended to wear volcanic lava beads close within the skin.

    Moreover, they are considered as healing stones to bringing peace into the mind and spirit. It’s believed that wearing an authentic black lava stone bracelet will allow the wearer to access energy freely, allowing a clear flow and use of lava stone healing to nurture themselves physically as well as spiritually. Furthermore, some cultures also believe that lava stone energy offer stability and courage during troublesome times, since they strengthen the wearer’s relationship with that of the planet.


    Lava Stone Benefits

    Traditionally, lava bead jewelry is said to have lava rock healing properties and they keep people warm in cold climates. These volcanic stones have made their journey, straight from the earth’s core, they are associated with spirituality and universality. However, they offer more than just an aesthetic lava bead bracelet beauty; this stabilizing effects of a real black lava stone bracelet extends into the emotional and spiritual spheres by eliminating strong negative emotions, providing clarity and offering hope during difficult and emotional times.

    Most people use these lava stone bracelet benefits for their anxiety and mood swings, lava rock beads really help each person ground themselves and control their excessive thinking.


    The Power of Colors:



    Grounding, wisdom, learning, protection, safety, reversing, uncrossing, unhexing, repelling black magick, banishing negativity, releasing, shapeshifting, defense, scrying, pride.

    Black absorbs and hides and creates confusion and chaos, new beginnings, knowledge of hidden things, is the container of light, one of the most powerful color. Use black for the self-control, time and patience. Black is also a good color to use to bring discord and confusion within the enemy. It can also be used for protection, wrap negative energy, breaking barriers and blocks, reverse and destroy negative thought forms. It’s better if applied to others. Black controls the base chakra, the planet Saturn, the earth element and the original religions, it means new beginning. Satanic alchemy, black represents the step into the void of meditation and transformation.