Aetna, the colored Reiki charged Volcano bracelet

Aetna, the Volcano Bracelet

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  • Aetna the Reiki charged Volcano bracelet for Chakra awakening and healing for meditation made of Lava Stone, Carnelian and Selenite Crystals


    Aetna is the Reiki charged Volcano bracelet specifically designed for chakra awakening, for chakra healing and for yoga or meditation sessions.

    The stones that were used are exclusively taken from inside volcano mountains (for more, see at our Shop Updates)!!!

    Moreover, the Aetna bracelet is shaped in such a way so as to fully reflect the rays of the sun light.

    Regardless if you are looking for an esoteric bracelet or a beautiful and elegant one, Aetna is a bracelet that will enhance your energies and bring you peace of mind while wearing it!

    Base Materials:
    High Quality: Lava Stone, Carnelian and Selenite Crystals

    Size of beads:
    8 mm Lava Stone

    Dimensions (in cm):
    Bracelet (adjustable): min 16

    Sky-Gold, Black, light-Red and translucent


    This design is Copyright by DeMar © 2018

    About the Quality of our products:

    We use high quality materials in our products (i.e. bracelets, necklaces etc) such as a very good grade of genuine natural gemstones and stainless-steel wire and clasps. We always take the time to give you excellent beading and inspection. We keep you in mind as we design our products so the finished product is durable, of a very high quality and beautiful.

    Moreover, by combining purified, cleansed and Reiki charged beads we created a jewelry of the purest form so as to enhance your spiritual endeavours.

    Finally, only the highest quality of gemstone beads were used to ensure that you are getting the best and most pure energy from the jewelry. They are all attuned with Reiki energy before shipping them to you and all beads are cleansed with sound and smoke; and completed with the purification prayer ritual.

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    Rock Specks

    Color: Black

    Type of stone: Basalt aka Lava Rock

    Hardness: 2

    Chakra: Crown and Higher Crown Chakras

    Element: Fire & Earth

    Planet: Earth

    Numerological Number: 1

    Astrological: Taurus & Cancer

    Magickal Uses: Dream work, Enhancing Creativity, Communication, Cleansing Negativity


    Volcanic Lava Rock 

    Mother Earth has indeed gifted us with many treasures. But there’s one stone that stands tall, simply because it’s a part of the earth’s womb, itself. And that is the volcanic lava stone. Once it arises to the surface and cools it is used and designed for fashion and spiritual use. The black lava stone has been around for centuries and various indigenous tribes and communities have used black lava stone beads. Although not as attractive as jewelry made from precious stones, a volcanic stone bracelet makes up for their earthy appearance with their spiritual mystique.

    So, you may still ask yourself, what is lava stone? To break it up to you, lava stone or volcanic beads as we use them are precious stones that now a day are mostly used either as volcanic rock jewelry or as talismans, and are quite popular as accessories.

    There’s a special bond between the black lava rock beads and our beloved planet. Knowing the fact that it comes directly from Earth’s core, the lava beads meaning is of grounding and connecting with nature. Native Americans would wear a piece a lava mineral before war for where it is believed lava rock energy would bring them courage and strength. Thus why, it’s more common to see mens lava stone bracelets.


    Lava Rock Properties

    It’s believed that emotional and spiritual lava healing properties con be obtained by each person that wears a real lava stone bead bracelet, because of their strong association with the Earth. Due to this earthly connection, volcanic rock beads are seen as symbols of fertility, endurance and strength. From a spiritual perspective, a lava gemstone is great for grounding the root chakra and starting your day off with a slight pump into some mindfulness meditation. For better absorption of their lava stone healing properties, it is recommended to wear volcanic lava beads close within the skin.

    Moreover, they are considered as healing stones to bringing peace into the mind and spirit. It’s believed that wearing an authentic black lava stone bracelet will allow the wearer to access energy freely, allowing a clear flow and use of lava stone healing to nurture themselves physically as well as spiritually. Furthermore, some cultures also believe that lava stone energy offer stability and courage during troublesome times, since they strengthen the wearer’s relationship with that of the planet.


    Lava Stone Benefits

    Traditionally, lava bead jewelry is said to have lava rock healing properties and they keep people warm in cold climates. These volcanic stones have made their journey, straight from the earth’s core, they are associated with spirituality and universality. However, they offer more than just an aesthetic lava bead bracelet beauty; this stabilizing effects of a real black lava stone bracelet extends into the emotional and spiritual spheres by eliminating strong negative emotions, providing clarity and offering hope during difficult and emotional times.

    Most people use these lava stone bracelet benefits for their anxiety and mood swings, lava rock beads really help each person ground themselves and control their excessive thinking.


     “The Stone of Transformation”

    Carnelian is an excellent chakra stone, as it activates the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. 

     Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus


    • Power
    • Healing


    • Inner Creativity
    • Inner Strength
    • Emotional Harmony
    • Expression of Truth
    • Sexual Energy
    • Creative Energy
    • Decision Making
    • Courage
    • Energy Boost
    • Individuality


    • Protects against a state of panic/shock
    • Inner Darkness
    • Bad Vibrations
    • Guards Against Poverty
    • Protects Against Enemies


    • Encourages the expression of love and supports the purity of the heart
    • Helps in breaking down emotional fears and restrictions
    • Liberates a reserved character and builds an open personality
    • Strengthens individuality and personal satisfaction
    • Supports in fulfilling wishes
    • Helps fight negative thoughts and depression
    • Curbs egoism and builds good values
    • Increases the physical strength of the body
    • Increases the will for life and revives forgotten joys
    • Activates Root and Sacral Chakras
    • Strengthens concentration and focus



    Physical Healing:

    • Bladder
    • Blood
    • Blood Vessels
    • Arteries
    • Veins
    • Fallopian Tubes
    • Heart Illness
    • Immune System
    • Kidneys
    • Lungs
    • Lymphatic System
    • Menstruation Pain
    • Physical Strength
    • Respiratory System
    • Spleen
    • Stomach
    • Testicular Illness
    • Thymus
    • Uterus Illness
    • Vitality

    Psychological Healing:

    • Changes
    • Coordination
    • Courage
    • Creativity
    • Egoism
    • Emotional Tension
    • Expression of Truth
    • Fear
    • Forgiveness
    • Fulfillment of Desires
    • Life-Development
    • Love
    • Mental Power
    • Mental Transformation
    • Personality Development
    • Satisfaction
    • Values of The Heart
    • Willpower

    Selenite: Meaning, Properties and Powers


    Selenite Properties and Meanings

    Selenite is one of the prettiest and most elegant crystals that you will ever see. With its pristine white color, it will look breath-taking next to different colored stones and crystals!

    The most common selenite crystals are white and translucent and with beautiful striations. It makes this stone look almost like a silky pearl.

    It’s usually tubular in shape, with different patterns and striations on them. It’s the striations that make them look unique and elegant.

    Selenite is named after the Greek goddess Selene, which is the goddess of the moon. It’s also called the Satin Spar, Maria Glass, or Desert Rose.

    Aside from its beauty and elegance, this stone is known to have many mystical and healing properties as well. Selenite crystals are most often found in the USA, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Greece, Japan, Australia, Argentina and Brazil.


    Why Would You Use Selenite?

    When you first see selenite, its white color will instantly grab your attention. This color is just perfect for a stone that stands for mental clarity.

    You will need selenite crystals when there are a lot of things going on in your head and it’s starting to affect your sense of peace and quiet. It’s a good stone to have to help you quiet your mind and give you mental clarity.

    It’s also a good stone to have with you to protect you from any form of psychic attack. People have a way of filling your head with bad ideas, thoughts, and perceptions.

    Having selenite in your possession will help cleanse your mind of all this negativity.

    There are many benefits to be had from this stone. Not only can it help balance and stabilize your body, it can also balance and stabilize your emotions.

    Selenite is a very sensitive stone that acts just like a liquid light from this world to the angelic realm, and vice versa.

    The striations that you can find on the selenite crystal’s surface serve as a pathway for the spirit.

    The vibrations that the selenite gives are more of a spiritual nature rather than a physical one, so you can be on your way to spiritual enlightenment, too.

    Yes, all of that from this one stone.

    In case you didn’t know it yet, selenite crystals can be used to awaken or strengthen your telepathic abilities.

    They can also be used for angel guidance, and in working with your spirit guides!

    When you place Selenite and Petalite crystals in the four corners of your home, you can invite or establish more peace and serenity into your home and in the lives of all the people who live in it.

    Even if they’re small, they work very well as protection against big and strong negative influences.


    How Will Selenite Help You?

    Selenite, Healing and Health

    Selenite is not only a protective stone that will keep the negative energies away, but it can also heal your body with the healing energies that it possesses, especially if you use it with some of the Orange Stones.

    For instance, it can be used to treat health problems linked to the skeletal system, like arthritis.

    It can also be used to aid treatment of certain cancers and tumors. If you’re having problems getting pregnant, keeping a selenite close to your body every day can help improve your chances of getting pregnant.


    When combined with Bixbite, this stone increases libido and promotes fertility. It also gives mothers-to-be and their unborn children protection all throughout the pregnancy.

    When you feel like you’re not feeling energetic enough, or you’re always feeling tired and lethargic, selenite can help clear the glands of your body and give you the energy that you need.

    It can remove blockages in your energy fields and get rid of the dysfunctional energies from your body. It cleanses your aura of all toxins that affect your physical body.

    When you’re experiencing mental confusion, you can place a selenite stone on top of your head and everything will immediately start making sense.

    This stone is very helpful when it comes to mental flexibility and decision making.

    It’s good for your emotional well-being, your flexibility, and your intuition. It gives you strong instincts over time and is the perfect companion when you are doing your meditation.


    Selenite, Luck and Wealth

    Like most crystals and stones available today, selenite is a great stone to have for the attraction of wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

    But of course, no matter how many selenite crystals that you have on your body or in your purse, if you will not do the real work, no amount of lucky charms can make you rich, happy, and successful.

    The selenite crystals will only work in your favor when you also give out the energy required to make things happen!

    Nonetheless, this is a good stone to have when dealing with anything money-related, including money problems and legal issues.

    Selenite promotes good business practices and inspires honesty in business and professional relationships.

    When you have all these things going for you, it will be very easy to succeed at any project or endeavor!


    Selenite, Love and Relationships

    Selenite is a stone of love.

    All the things that you want to happen in your romantic life can be made possible by tapping into the energies that this stone gives off.

    Your days of wondering when you will finally find love will soon be over when you allow the energies of selenite crystals to wash your aura anew.

    The more you cleanse it, the more negative energies you will remove, and the more positive love vibrations will be attracted to you.

    If you’ve been searching for love but haven’t had much luck finding one that sticks, selenite crystals can help you with this problem.

    If you are in love with someone but cannot seem to get past the friend zone, selenite crystals can help shift the romantic energies surrounding the both of you.

    Once the blockages in your energies are removed, men will start to see you for the incredible woman that you are and entertain more romantic thoughts about you.

    When you are in a committed relationship but things are starting to feel strained and you no longer feel connected to each other, selenite can work on bringing you back together and restoring what was lost in your relationship.

    Once again, the negative energies surrounding you and your partner will be cleansed with the energies of the selenite crystals.

    Selenite helps you keep a loving relationship, and it will show you just how you can iron out your differences with the person you love by clearing your mind, your heart, and your body of the negative vibrations.

    Sometimes relationships can be a lot of work.

    But when you are fuelled by the energies of selenite, keeping a relationship going will no longer be a burden.

    Selenite will infuse your life with love, and it will work together with you in keeping this love in your life for a very long time. It will break down your walls and make you believe in the beauty of love.

    Just like Amazonite, it will toss your fears out the window and replace them with excitement, hope, and a sense of adventure.

    It will inspire you to believe in the power of love, even when things are hard, and even when it hurts.

    It will make you feel hopeful and strong, even when things don’t work out, and it will make you feel grateful and blessed that you have a love so strong and true.

    It will change the way you look at love in a better and more positive way.

    Having selenite crystals with you will also fill your relationship with truth and honesty.

    You will realize that a relationship based on secrets, lies, and pretensions just won’t do. If you want to have a shot at lasting happiness, now is the time to be honest to yourself and to each other.

    The energies that you can get from selenite crystals are very helpful in stabilizing erratic emotions and bringing strong feelings under control.

    When you have a tendency to explode whenever you’re angry, the selenite crystals will help you manage your emotions and react in a calmer and more level-headed manner.

    Energies from selenite can help melt away strong and overwhelming emotions. It can make your true light shine bright and your real nature show, and this will endear you more to your loved one.

    It will not only work on your emotions but with how your loved one reacts to you, responds to you, or deals with conflicts with you.

    By opening yourself up to the powers of the selenite crystals, you are also allowing your relationship and your partner to be influenced by their healing energies.

    Selenite will work on your emotions so that you will live a balanced life with your loved ones.

    It will carefully direct your feelings so that you don’t end up hurting yourself or others.

    It will lift you up to a higher level of awareness and help you become the best lover, partner, and friend that you can ever be!


    How to Use Selenite for the Best Results?

    When worn as an accessory, selenite crystals can help remove blockages in your body.

    Put a selenite crystal or selenite wand on that part of your body that feels sore, tight, or painful for about 20 to 30 minutes. You will feel the difference right away.

    Selenite crystals are also a good way to cleanse your healing jewelry. Just place your healing bracelet, necklace, or ring on a selenite crystal overnight, and you will find that it’s lighter and cleaner in the morning.

    Having selenite crystals with you at work or at home can greatly shift the energy present there.

    You can use them by sitting on your chair and putting your bare feet on the selenite, preferably a selenite wand.

    As you relax your breathing, allow yourself to let go. You will become more conscious of the world you’re in and the energies surrounding you.

    In as quick as 15 minutes, you will feel the balance restored in your body, and your head will be so much lighter and clearer.


    Did you know that selenite can also cleanse your aura?

    Just comb the selenite crystals up and down your body while visualizing them sucking away all the toxins and negativity, and all your worries, pains, and stresses of the day.

    This is a good practice to have, especially when you’re surrounded by so many people every day. When you interact with lots of people, you also pick up on their energies.

    Some of these energies stay with you and affect your own energies.

    Using your selenite crystals for cleansing will make sure that you get rid of other people’s unwanted energies.

    Selenite can also be placed on your windowsill to keep bad spirits and elements away.

    You can also place them underneath your bed so that you can sleep like a baby all through the night.

    In fact, you can place it anywhere in your house that you want to have clear and pure energy. Most popular places will be the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the living areas.

    You can usually get selenite as a wand.

    Remember that selenite enjoys a great deal of sunlight, so make sure that you put it in the corner of your home where there’s enough sunlight.

    Selenite is a light carrier, so don’t let it stay inside your closet or drawer for too long.


    The Best Combination to Use with Selenite

    In case you’re wondering if selenite is a good crystal to pair with other crystals, the answer is yes. You can combine it with any rock crystal. You can also pair it with amethyst.

    When combined with these stones and crystals, peace and serenity will reign. Pairing it with other stones and crystals will amplify selenite’s energy.

    It will rejuvenate you as you sleep and make you wake up feeling strong, cleansed, and refreshed!


    Final Thoughts:

    Selenite’s natural healing properties are known to remove any blockages that are preventing the healthy flow of good energies throughout your body and throughout a space.

    This stone also works as an emotional cleanser for the body, heart, mind, spirit, and environment.

    If you decide to purchase Selenite stones, they will work for you in protecting your space from external influences and lower vibrational energies.

    They are believed to evoke protection from the divine realm. They also work to get rid of negative energies from a space and promote inner peace and mental clarity.

    They can also magnify the energies of anything that is placed on top of them, making them a powerful energy amplifier of your other healing crystals.

    Selenite will charge and cleanse your other crystals and crystal jewelry every night.

    If you put a big chunk of Selenite beside your front door or any entryway in your house, you can keep negative energies from entering.

    When you place a piece of Selenite underneath your pillow or beside your bed, you will have better sleeping habits.

    You can also place your bare feet on a slab of Selenite if you want to balance, clear, or shift your personal energy field.

    You can lay on your back and put a Selenite on your chest to realign or cleanse your chakras.

    Selenite can even be placed on the dinner table to promote good conversations and a happy atmosphere while eating!

    Larger pieces of Selenite can also be very helpful when it comes to physical healing. This is because they infuse the body with a white light that can heal.

    It’s also believed that they can restructure and regenerate cells. It’s really no surprise that Selenite is used in healing in holistic treatments.

    It’s easy to see why Selenite is so popular. Its superior benefits are excellent for achieving clarity of mind and higher guidance.

    It promotes peace, calm, and tranquility. It’s a peaceful stone that creates deep calm. Selenite will work to clear your confusion and assist you in seeing the bigger picture.

    It’s one of the most recommended stones for both energy healers and crystal collectors because of its insight and peaceful energy.

    If you’re ready to be bowled over by the wonderful energies of this beautiful stone, it’s time to get yourself a piece of Selenite!









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