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The Deep Blue Irish Anglican Rosary Necklace

DeMar Anglican-Blue-NE-7W View

The Deep Blue Irish Anglican Rosary Necklace is a beautiful rosary that radiates the seven seas and provides you with a calming effect while praying. 

The rosary is made of Swarovski Crystals, Lapis lazuli and Jade gemstones (which have been cleansed and purified) while a solid 925 Golden-Silver Cross completes the rosary.

Finally, the rosary has been blessed by the church. 

Rosary Necklace:

Anglican configuration


About the Rosary:
The Rosary has a Cross, an Invitatory bead, 4 sets of 7 beads that are called the Weeks, and 4 beads which separate the beads in the Weeks, called the Cruciform beads because they make the form of a cross.
The 7 beads in the Weeks section of the Rosary represent the 7 days of the week and also 7 is the number of spiritual perfection. The total number of beads is 33, which represents the number of years of Jesus' earthly ministry. In the 34 beads rosary the additional bead is also known as the Resurrection bead while in the 35 bead rosary it is focused on our Holy Father.

Base Materials:
Triple-A high quality Swarovski Crystals, Lapis lazuli and Jade gemstones, solid 925 Golden-Silver Cross. 

ca 74 cm --- Cross: ca 4 cm 

Jade beads:
12 mm

Lapis lazuli beads:
8 mm

Swarovski Crystals:
4 mm

By,DeMarThis design is Copyright by DeMar © 2022


8mm Lapis Lazuli and Hematite beads for crafting top tier beaded jewelry items

DeMar Lapis and Hematite Combo 003-A33 View

Please Note: The specific gemstone beads are the ones that DeMar itself is using so as to created its top tier items such as: the Zweite Seele bracelets or the energy infused jewelry items.Consequently, you can use the specific strand of beads either to create top tier jewelry items (like bracelets, necklaces or earrings) or to leave it as it is and to use it as an energy healing item.
Material ---------------------- Gemstone

Type of Beads ---------------------- Lapis Lazuli and Hematite, Energy Healing Stone BeadsCentimeters----------------------25Beads Size--------------8mmHole Size----------------1mmQuality------------------- Superb AAA+Number of Beads per Strand -------------- 13Cleansed and Purified --------------- YesEnergy Healing Stone Beads --------------- YesHand selected by DeMar --------------- Yes

By combining purified, cleansed and Reiki charged beads, the beads are of the purest form so as to enhance your spiritual endeavours.Finally, only the highest quality of gemstone beads were used to ensure that you are getting the best and most pure energy from them. They are all attuned with Reiki energy before shipping them to you and all beads are cleansed with sound and smoke; and completed with the purification prayer ritual.

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