Dark Mother - Energy Infused Jewelry Set

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Dark Mother, Energy Infused Charm Necklace and Bracelet gemstone jewelry Set, Embrace the Shadows within you!

The shadows hold the secret to our own rising rebirth, the secret of the wisdom of ourselves. The ultimate mystery is that of knowing oneself. This is the lesson the Dark Goddess teaches.

Dark Mother a unique and very special energy infused jewelry set that operates as a cleansing and balancing tool clearing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of fear or sadness or of outside influences treading on your vibe.

By utilizing the Dark Mother's power of smoked clear quartz gemstones and by luring, in it, both powers of light and darkness; the shadows arise.

Dark Mother is the reflection of the Dark Goddess.

By wearing it you will be dancing inside the twilight zone of your existence; between light and darkness, inside the shadows of your own being.

The wearer of Dark Mother does not settle for mediocrity… you demand elegance, you desire strength and power, you seek wisdom – and from the shadows of the chaos you bring forth and give birth to the shapes of your desires.

Dark Mother has been created solely for this purpose; to create and to rise from the shadows!

Additional Used for or during:
Meditation and Yoga, Transformation, Evocations and Invocations, Energy Manipulation

What is more, by carrying Dark Mother with you, you invoke the quartz power ultimate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical protection.


Chakra(s): ALL, especially Third Eye/Crown/Soul Star

Energy Vibration: 7

Zodiac: All

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Energy Protection and uses:

- Cleansing
- Healing
- Power
- Enhancing
- Energy Amplification

Bracelet Dimensions (in cm):
min 17 - max 22

Necklace Dimensions (in cm):
min 42 - max 76

Shadow of light, light and shadow

Size of beads:
8 mm

Base Materials:
Clear see-through smoked quartz gemstones (only!), Enhanced protection against Darkness and fear

About the Quality of our products:
We use quality materials in our products (i.e. bracelets) such as a good grade of genuine natural gemstones and stainless-steel wire and clasps. Because our jewelry is not manufactured, we take the time to give you excellent beading and inspection. We keep you in mind as we design our products so the finished product is both durable and beautiful.

Finding your size and ordering a specific size:
To find your size lay a loose cord around your wrist and then lay on a flat ruler.
Consequently, if you wish for a specific size send us a message (or a note) while placing your order.


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