The Lion’s Gaze Ver.2 - Energy Infused Power Bracelet

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The Lion’s Gaze Energy Infused Power Bracelet Lava Stone Version Be the Lion

The energy infused power bracelet, in contrast to most other of our other bracelets, is geared towards individuals that, on the one hand, want to face their soul’s dark paths head on, while on the other hand, they charged forward as leaders and never as followers; for the ones that go all out for the sake of their dreams, for their glory for their success.

In other terms, the Lion’s Gaze Energy Infused Power Bracelet is for the brave and not for the weak.

It is for the ones that have decided to either make it or to fall while going for it; no middle ground and no half-backed resolve.

In simple terms: it is exclusively made for the King!

In regards to the inner path and how the Lion’s Gaze Energy Infused Power Bracelet works, it can be based described with the following parable:

When you throw a stick at a dog the dog chases after the stick. But when you throw a stick at a Lion, something different happens. Instead of chasing after the stick, the Lion chases you, the thrower of the stick.

Here the stick thrown signifies a “problem” that arises in our lives, bringing on feelings of annoyance, frustration, anger, and even hostility, as problems often do. By focusing our attention on the problem, we are chasing after the stick like a dog, trying to make the problem go away. This is a mistake. What we don´t realize is that the real problem is not in the physical world, but in the inner world, the world inside us. The problem that appears in the outer world is just a symptom of this deeper, inner problem because the outer world is a mirror-reflection of the inner world.

Having the gaze of the Lion means turning our attention inward and looking within ourselves for the real problem.

The Lion's gaze is direct, focusing at the source; and the Lion is wise and fearless, charging directly at the source. By addressing the “inward imperfection” or “inward imbalance” that is causing the outer world problem, we are addressing the source of the problem, rather than the symptom.

When we have the Lion's Gaze, we begin to see problems in the physical world no longer as problems but as blessings that help guide us in our lives. Problems show us where we need to concentrate our efforts inward, in our ongoing Great Work of self-discovery, self-understanding, self-development and self-mastery. Looking within ourselves to try to understand why a “physical world” problem is occurring puts us on a kind of “fast-track” to better understanding our true nature and remembering who we are.

“Be like a lion, who, rather than chasing after the stick, turns to face the thrower. You only throw a stick at a lion once.” - Milarepa

The Lion stands for Strength, courage and willpower.

Ancient sages also assigned the four elements with meaning, fire being passion and personal power. It can also be used to burn away delusions of the conscious mind and replace them with higher values that serve us better in life.

In shamanic traditions, the lion represents creativity, intuition and imagination, all of which are required for self-fulfilment, or enlightenment in the sense that you adopt a greater understanding of something.

The lion reminds us to summon strength in order to achieve our goals.

In alchemical symbolism, the lion is interchangeable with the sun, it’s large, fiery mane bearing a strong reflection to the solar star.

The Power of the Animal Lion

The lion is also associated with ancient sun gods

Be prepared when you invoke Lion as a Power Animal. This mighty animal ally will charge into your life with all the power of the noon-day sun.

There is no hesitancy here – rather simple knowingness. Lion people know their place in the proverbial food chain and in the world – at the apex. Lions are a proud lot with commanding communication skills and a natural knack for leadership.

Walking with the Lion as a Power Animal means being ready for trouble, but not seeking it out.

Channelling Lion energy encourages you to do what is noble and right with conviction. Don’t be afraid to use the Lion’s energy waiting in the grasses of your Aura. Letting even just a little out puts predators on notice, particularly when it comes to your intimate pride. Disrespect is not in Lion’s vocabulary, let alone the word “quit”.

The sacred triad of character traits: honour, respect and gratitude sum up the Lion’s metaphysical associations nicely. Honour means appreciation, respect is earned and gratitude goes hand in hand with walking in this world as a spirit-being.

Lava Stones:

The Lion’s Gaze Energy Infused Power Bracelet is exclusively made of Volcanic Lava stones.

Why Lava Stones?

Because Lava Stone purely focuses on: Dream work, Enhancing Creativity, Communication, Cleansing Negativity, emotional and spiritual lava healing properties as well as they are considered as healing stones to bringing peace into the mind and spirit.

By wearing authentic black lava stone bracelet (which for example is the case with all of our products that use Lava Stones) will allow the wearer to access energy freely, allowing for a clear (energy) flow and use of lava stone healing to nurture themselves physically as well as spiritually.

Additional Used for or during:

Meditation and Yoga, Transformation, Evocations and Invocations


Crown and Higher Crown Chakras


Fire & Earth

Dimensions (in cm):

ca, min 17 - max 23


Pitch Black

Size of beads:

8 mm Volcanic Lava Stones and a 10 mm Pure Silver Lion Head bead closing

Number of beads:


The Power of Numbers (for the ones that know):

10 and 1


Yes: the entire bracelet is intertwined with pure black leather

Energy infusion:

Yes. Energy infusion is focused on the aspects of: Power, Strength, Insight, Courage and Willpower

About the Quality of our products:
We use quality materials in our products (i.e. bracelets) such as a good grade of genuine natural gemstones and stainless-steel wire and clasps. Because our jewelry is not manufactured, we take the time to give you excellent beading and inspection. We keep you in mind as we design our products so the finished product is both durable and beautiful.

Finding your size and ordering a specific size:
To find your size lay a loose cord around your wrist and then lay on a flat ruler.
Consequently, if you wish for a specific size send us a message (or a note) while placing your order.


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