Healer – Cross Chakra Energy Necklace

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The Healer – Cross Chakra Energy Infused Necklace, is a necklace that primarily focuses on Chakra Healing, Good Fortune and Wealth and on Transformation; your own transformation – in which the old you - dies, and the new you - arises reborn. A better, a higher existence compared to how you used to be.

In order to accomplish such a feat and “compress” everything into a single necklace - multiple high-end gemstones had to be combined and a specific and time-consuming Reiki energy infusion process had to be followed.

Yet, we are proud to present to you, the Healer Cross Chakra Energy Necklace; in which the paths of West and East are coming together.

Energy Infusion Healing and Growth:

The Healer is unique in its kind by itself. It takes a considerable amount of time only to perform the first, out of three, steps of advanced energy infusion.

Incorporating a combination of energy infusion, evocations and magical seals, the Healer is able to heal the wounds of your etheric body but also allows you to experience the further grow of your chakras.

The end result: evolution!

If you understand the above lines, even a little, then the Healer is definitely calling out to you.

Additional Used for or during :
Various types of advanced meditation, Meditation and Yoga, Transformation, Chakra healing, Good Fortune and Wealth

Base Materials:

High end: pure gemstones of Jasper, Agate, Tigers Eye, Hematite, Malachite, Amethyst, Quartz, Carnelian and Silver Cross

Size of beads:

8 mm


(variations of) Silver, White, Black, Orange, Gold, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Red, Quartz

Necklace Length:

ca. 86 cm



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