10mm Dragon Veins beads for crafting top tier beaded jewelry items

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Please Note:

The specific gemstone beads are the ones that DeMar itself is using so as to created its top tier items such as: the Zweite Seele bracelets or the energy infused jewelry items.

Consequently, you can use the specific strand of beads either to create top tier jewelry items (like bracelets, necklaces or earrings) or to leave it as it is and to use it as an energy healing item.

Material ---------------------- Gemstone

Type of Beads ---------------------- Dragon Veins, Energy Healing Stone Beads


Beads Size--------------10mm

Hole Size----------------1mm

Quality------------------- Superb AAA+

Number of Beads per Strand -------------- 13

Cleansed and Purified --------------- Yes

Energy Healing Stone Beads --------------- Yes

Hand selected by DeMar --------------- Yes

More Beads and detailed analysis of our gemstones, you can find here (our official online store):

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