About Doctrinum
Doctrinum is a Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can wonder posts, photos, and share their stories and knowledge across the world.

1- About Doctrinum

Doctrinum is mostly geared towards individuals that would like to exchange ideas, to promote their work, their research, their science, their publications, their articles, their blogs and so forth.

Individuals that are open in the exchange of ideas and information by always respecting each other.

Always respecting your privacy, we share no data of yours as well as you have full control of your own data; meaning that if you delete your account your information and data will be purged from our databases.

So as to provide the best user experience and to allow you to fully explore your potential, currently, we have incorporated the following tools (as seen in the following section).

2- Overall, currently the following tools are available to you

Switch between Day and Night mode

Create your own Private Page

Create your own Pages (business or Private)

Create your own Blog and start blogging

Doctrinum’s Forum

Create your own groups

Follow and like others others

Let others follow and like you

Fully integrated comment and post system

Google Maps

Upload and Share your Files

Play games for free (currently only for Desktops)

Write your own articles

Share your videos with others from other popular Video sharing sites

Explore everything with our powerful search engine

Advertise your work, business, book, art, research and so forth

Publish to the world your own creations in our Market Place and sell your stuff to others

Use the Analytical tools to observe your Advertisement campaign

Promote and boost your posts, articles or blogs

Invite your friends by just typing their email address with our Invitation tools

Add your own social network links

Sell and Buy stuff online

Save posts in your own private corner

Create your own Albums

Use hashtags and other integrated tolls for publications and to see what is trending

Register with just one button click by utilizing the power of other popular platforms

And so many other tools are available to you as you enter Doctrine, your Social Media Platform.