Shipping and Delivery

All about our Shipping and Delivery policy



We ship our handmade items worldwide. 

Thus, while proceeding with your purchase and the checkout process, you will be asked to choose between two shipping options: standard and courier. 

Please Note two important factors that will affect the final price of your shipping costs:

1. Shipping costs are based on the parcel's total weight.
2. Due to the fact that some items may be send to you from two different creators; additional shipping costs may be applicable.

Regardless of the case, before completing the order all options (and costs) will be displayed to you hence, you can choose the best available (combined) option(s) for you.

Standard Shipping:

Standard shipping, and as the name suggests, is the standard way of shipping an item. It may take longer to arrive to you (depending on your country's postal service) but it is the cheaper choice.

Courier Shipping:

The Courier service is the fastest way for your order to arrive to you. It is ultra fast... but this also means that it is the more expensive option.

Different Shipping Arrangements:

If you would like to make different shipping arrangements contact us directly by clicking "here".

Tracking Number:

All parcels that will be shipped to you will also include a tracking number; which will allow you to track your item at any point in time.

You will receive all shipping details and additional info via email.

Delivery Times:

When will your item be shipped to you?

Regardless if you go for an Orgone (aka orgonite), a handmade energy infused jewelry item or a handmade Reiki item, the time-span for an item to be shipped to you is between 7 - 10 business days.

The reason is that in order for these items to be crated they need to go through a specific series of (production) steps. 

The creators, under no circumstances, will ever bypass any of the steps needed to created your personalized item(s).

Thus, for the aforementioned reasons, so as for an item to be shipped to you it will take 7 to 10 business days (on an average 7 days). 

Once shipped, how long will it take for your order to arrive to you?

It basically depends on three main factors:

1. The shipping choice that you have made (standard or courier)
2. On the postal service of your country (this is something that is beyond our power)
3. Customs. How long it will take for your item to go through customs. The average time usually is 2- days; from experience though, it normally should not take more than 3 days. 

For instance, and as a general example, a parcel - that has been shipped with the "standard shipping option" - to arrive in an address somewhere in the USA may take between 10-14 working days (usually it is due to customs and the USPS). 

Nevertheless, your shipped item(s) will have a tracking number which will allow you to track your package at any point in time.

Customs and other unforeseen costs:

Any additional and unforeseen costs, like customs, are covered by the buyer (aka, the customer).