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Receive Day’s breath of life!
The orgonite that turns clear water into living water!
The Pyramid with the Double Wave Oscillator
The Orgonite-Saber that slashes through energies and planes
Hemera' Breath (Bracelet - 015)
Hemera (Mythology)

Who was Hemera? In Greek mythology, Hemera was known as the personification of day and one of Protogenoi or primordial deities. As the tales go, she is the goddess of daytime. 

According to Hesiod, she is the daughter of Erebos and Nyx (Night). Nyx was the daughter of Chaos and was the sister of Erebos. Erebos was considered one of the first beings and lived in Hades. Many stories say that he was a part of Hades itself. It is said that he sprang from Chaos back at the beginning of time. 

Hemera' Breath - Bracelet

Hemera' Breath is geared towards three directions: on the one hand, it focuses on aspects such as love, friendship, a clear mind, decision-making or health while, on the other hand, it focuses in the deep aspects of conscious (spiritual) awareness. Moreover, it focuses on the third-eye (by boosting its powers). 

Consequently, Hemera' Breath is suited for people that are in need of love, friendship, inspiration, a clear mind; or / and for people that wish to dive into the deepest secrets of awareness.

Hemera' Breath has been created, and infused with energies, that aim in helping you to, not only cope with all of this but mostly to boost your inner energies towards the aforementioned directions.

Moreover, Hemera' Breath has been infused with additional spells that derive from the Air Elements!


Going one step further:

From a mystical standpoint Hemera' Breath combines the following aspects (for more details click on the tab called "Mysteries").

The power of Colours:

White and Turquoise (for more details click on the tab called "Mysteries").

The power of Numbers:

1, 2, 8 and 9 (for more details click on the tab called "Mysteries")


The Air Element:

According to Plato, the element of air is associated with the octahedron and is both hot and wet or humid. Air heated, becomes fire, cooled, becomes water, cooled more, earth.

 The words spirit, inspire, expire, and aspire, all derived from the Latin spirare ("to breathe"). Air is associated with all of these.

The elements are usually invoked during ritual in order to balance the energy in the sacred space or the practitioner herself, but air may also be invoked independently to lend their energy to spellwork within its sphere of influence or to help the practitioner balance out an excess of earth energy. Air energy supports the generation of new ideas and gathering of information, encouraging cooperation, communication (especially verbal) and friendliness, contracts and agreements, stimulating mental capacity and strengthening the mind, travel and general luck. 

Enchantments – Energy Infusion

During the entire creation process, protection chants and protection spells are utilized so as to additionally infuse the bracelet’s gemstones with specific types of energies. Consequently, Hemera' Breath turns into the absolute protection for you.


As a Side Note:

If you want to go completely Overkill against all negativity (etheric and negative astral entities, toxic people, to boost your energies in a significant manner, to influence the Karma of your life and to step into the fields of clairvoyant... combine our bracelets with our orgonites and witness it all).

Please Notice:

Our bracelets and orgonites are to protect and to support, in their endeavours, people that have not succumbed into the “dark side”. For instance, if you are a toxic person than the spells and charms will turn against you and protect the ones that are meant to be protected by them.

Receive Day’s breath of life!
Drink Charger MWO (Drink Charger - 001)

The Drink Water Charger - Orgonite:

The Drink Water Charger is used to charge the drinking water and therefore, transforming clear water into living water. Place on top of the Charger a glass of water (preferably: the “cup should be made” of glass or plastic but never of metal!!!).

The time of the charging can take from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the flows of energy in your area. The taste of water becomes lighter (etheric you could say) and fresh; something that you will experience immediately.

It clears anything toxic in a very high degree; but also, it decreases the surface tension of the water. Which means that, when the surface tension of the water decreases than it can easier be absorbed by your body’s cells; hence, the water’s “ingredients” are efficiently absorbed leading to a healthier outcome.

The Advantages of the Drink Charger MWO and of Living Water:

It soothes the pain and the “burns” in your stomach.

It helps in losing weight.

It is beneficial for your heart.

It is a source of OR energy.

It clears the whole body from toxins.

It supports in a very beneficial manner your (sports) activities.

It is very beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

It balances the smell during the menstrual period (obviously, this applies only to females).

It soothes headaches.

It decreases the danger of kidney stone.

Always Remember: do not put any type of orgonite close to alcohol (i.e. beer or whisky) because it will charge these “drinks” with positive orgonic energy. Meaning that it will alter the substance, and taste, of these drinks and instead of drinking, let us say a beer, after roughly an hour you will be drinking a “watered beer”.

The Drink Water Charger can be used, to effectively charge: water, tea, coffee, chocolate etc. You will taste the difference almost immediately.

The orgonite that turns clear water into living water!
Cheops Emblem of Ether (Orginite Pyramid) (Pyramid - 002)

The Orgonite Pyramid with Double Wave Oscillator

The orgonite pyramids are practically used to create a positive energy field around you and your environment (in the form of an energy grid). In this respect they block all negativity... and to be more precise, they transform all negativity into positive energy and that, among other things include: toxic people, astral beings and so forth.

The Orgonite Pyramid with the Double Wave Oscillator is designed based on the matrix of the original Cheops (Khufu) pyramid. Combined with the Double Wave Oscillator, and the specific analogy and types of materials, it is stronger than the standard orgonite Pyramid; and it is able to boost rapidly the etheric fields surrounding the area of its influence.

Notice: The area that a pyramid can cover is specific. Meaning that, if you can afford to buy only one than place it close to the area of the house, or office, in which you usually are located in. On the other hand, if you can afford to buy multiple pyramids, before doing so, contact us through the forums and we will tell you how many you will need, where to place them and how to place them (with the exception if you already know how to use them).

The Orgonite Pyramid with Double Wave Oscillator:

The Pyramid- Orgonite transforms all negative energy into positive and distributes that energy to all directions.

It can be used for both your house (apartment etc) and your office.

By utilizing a group of pyramids, together, they create an all-encompassing energy-grid that covers the entire house or office. Consequently, it blogs all negativity (toxic people included). Even if a toxic person enters your area than this person will not be able to stand the positive energies and, pretty quickly, he/she will find an excuse to leave the area.

You will experience calmness, positiveness and vitality.

If you feel nervous or stressed, touch the sides of the pyramid and breath slowly. The pyramid will do the rest for you and it will disperse all negativity.

Place it next to your bed and from now on, you will be able to sleep peacefully and without nightmares.

The Pyramid with the Double Wave Oscillator
Orgonite Saber (Tesla) (Saber - 001)
The OrgonSaber: 

The Orgonite-Saber (aka OrgonSaber) is an orgonite that you can carry with you either inside a bag or a coat etc.

The OrgonSaber is more aggressive in attacking the DOR energies, compared to the pocket orgonite, and adds to the OR protection together with the other orgonites (like, when wearing a pendant).

The main purpose of the OrgonSaber is to act, or to be more precise – to form a protective shield around you. Like an energy umbrella it will engulf you entirely.

This is also why, the OrgonSaber reaches its maximum output when you carry it while wearing one of our orgonite pendants.

What the OrgonSaber does:

Due to its aggressive nature (against negativity) it practically slashes through any negativity and all DOR energies around you (be it the 3-dimensional plane or the astral planes).

It is a very powerful orgonite especially if you know how to direct the flows of energy.

Even if you do not know how to do it... the OrgonSaber will strengthen your energy (and your energy flow)... vitality is at hand! The ultimate protector!

It shields you from any type of etheric and astral beings (Voladores included).

It clears the mind, which in turn allows you to see things clearly, and is ideal for either your job, for making tough decisions or for the astral plane. Due to its nature, it transforms the DOR energy into OR in a an aggressive manner (negativity, toxic people included, will practically run away from you).

You will enter the field/sphere of joy! That in turn will allow you to always see the positive side of things… that means that you will never give up in your endeavours because you will know that you can accomplish anything.

It blocks anything that can cloud your thoughts, that stresses you or feeds on your fears.

It supports your mental defenses and increases your mental and physical vitality.

It helps you to adjust to new circumstances and to constantly come up with new ideas. How come? Because thoughts are a form of energy and our orgonites are designed to boost this energy (and your energies).

It shields your emotions from toxic people.

The Orgonite-Saber that slashes through energies and planes
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