Payment Options

Payment options for our customers and 100% Secure payment checkouts

We accept payments through all major payment gateways such as Mastercard, Visa and so forth. 

Nevertheless, the payment goes through PayPal. 

The reason in two words: security and transparency. 

Please be advised that if you do not have a PayPal account, you can make a payment as a guest visitor (the same applies to our e-shop as well). 

Finally, below we list the reasons why we have chosen to accept transactions through PayPal. 

In essence and for our Online Store, we could integrate a dozen of different payment options from which our customers could chose from.

Nevertheless, currently we have integrated only one payment gateway namely, PayPal.

And that for the following 7 main reasons:

1. The PayPal payment gateway is 100% secure
2. Easy and fast checkout during the payment process
3. So far, we never did encounter any issues (in regards to us and our customers)
4. Even if you are not a PayPal member you can still pay through PayPal as a Guest (thus avoiding registration)
5. PayPal gives you the option to also pay directly with your Credit Card  
6. Transparency
7. Peace of mind for both you and us.

The Process:

Once you click on the "confirm order" button you will be redirected to the official PayPal site.

When you complete your payment, and PayPal confirms your payment, you will be redirected back to the AGR Online Store and your order will have been completed.

That's it.