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The necklace for the faithful
The Elegant Pearl Olive branch Necklace
The necklace for inner tranquility
The Elegant Pearl against Evil Eye Necklace
Protection against the Devil's Eye
The Amethyst Charm Necklace
The power of pure Amethyst
The Nails Cross Skull Rosary
The Red Skull Rosary
The Multicolored Ankh 5 Decade Catholic Rosary
The multicolored Rosary
The Silver Wedding Lasso Rosary
A wedding rosary for the married couple
The Triple Line Black Onyx Necklace
The Black Onyx Triple Line Necklace
The Ankh Cross Chain Rosary
The Black Onyx Chain rosary
The Rosicrucian Cross Chain Rosary
The Carnelian Chain rosary
The Dragon Blood 5 Decade Rosary
The Rosary that is based on Dragon Veins
The Elegant Royal Garnet Necklace (V2)
When garnet and Coral combine