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The Black Pearl Choker Necklace

DeMar CH-BG-H832 View

The Black Pearl Choker Necklace is a unique and beautiful necklace that is based on the foundation of triple-A high quality pure Black Onyx and Hematite (all stones have been purified and cleansed).

On top of that, it is completed with stainless silver steel.  

Moreover, the choker necklace has been Reiki charged so as to further enhance the positive energies. 

If you are looking for a necklace that differentiates itself from the rest, the Black Pearl Choker Necklace is the one that you are looking for.  

Moreover, by combining purified, cleansed and Reiki charged beads we created a jewelry of the purest form so as to enhance your spiritual endeavours.Finally, only the highest quality of gemstone beads were used to ensure that you are getting the best and most pure energy from the jewelry. They are all attuned with Reiki energy before shipping them to you and all beads are cleansed with sound and smoke; and completed with the purification prayer ritual.
Base Materials:
Triple-A high quality Black Onyx, Hematite and Stainless Steel. 

ca 32 cm (plus up to 5 cm extension)

Black Onyx Beads:
10 mm and 8 mm

Hematite Beads:
4 mm

By,DeMarThis design is Copyright by DeMar © 2022


The White Pearl Choker Rosary

DeMar WP-788-SWA View

The White Pearl Choker Rosary is an exclusive, special and unique Rosary.

In regards to the beads. The beads are triple-A high quality White Pearls combined with pure Hematite beads (all beads, and pearls, are completely cleansed and purified).

Second, its cross: made of a pure 925 silver cross symbolizing balance and stability.

Third, the Rosary has been officially blessed by the church - bringing with it the blessings of the heavens.

Finally, the specific handmade rosary has been made by experts and during its creation protective prayers were used for each bead and is tightly knotted.

Rosary Necklace:


Base Materials:
Triple-A high quality White Pearls, Hematite beads, and a pure 925 Silver Cross.

Total length ca 40 cm plus 5 cm adjustable --- Cross: ca 4 cm

White Pearls:

Hematite Beads:
4 mm



This design is Copyright by DeMar © 2022

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