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Receive your Answers from the Other-Side!!!

Can the Orgonite Pendulum Pendant be used as an orgonite pendant?


Does the Orgonite Pendulum Pendant work as a pendulum so as to give you the answers that you so much desire by bringing you in touch with the Other-Side?

Definitely Yes!


OK, let us take everything step by step.

As a Pendant:

The Orgonite Pendulum Pendant’s prime use, is the one of a Pendulum!

Consequently, who would use it as a pendant?

Due to the fact that our other Orgonite Pendants are very strong and they will sky-rock your vibrational levels; some people find it sometimes difficult to receive such amounts of OR energies.

Consequently, they may be in need of something subtler; and the Orgonite Pendulum Pendant does exactly that: it allows you to receive the OR energy in a subtler way. This also means that your vibrations rise slower and more gently.

On the other hand, if you firmly believe that you can receive, and sustain, such immense amounts of OR energies, why don’t you try one of our orgonite pendants?


As a Pendulum:

This is the Orgonite Pendulum Pendant’s prime use and for what it was designed for!!!

Have you ever imagined, or tried, to access the Other-Side so as to receive accurate answers to your questions?

Be it about love, enterprise, friendships etc… did you receive your answers in a 100% accurate level?

Are you active as a Medium, as a Wiccan, as a Seeker or as someone that seeks a way to tap into the Other-Side and get the much-desired answers?

This is exactly what the Orgonite Pendulum Pendant does!

*** Just to be on the safe side: The Orgonite Pendulum is designed for your use only! So, don’t go around by telling people that you are able to answer their questions – like a rip off medium!  

How does the Orgonite Pendulum Pendant work?

The Orgonite Pendulum Pendant approaches the entire subject in a twofold manner.

On the one hand, it penetrates the Other-Side; hence, bringing you in touch with the Spiritual World. On top of that, it draws to it the “spiritual energy” that can provide you with the answers that you seek.

On the other hand, because the Pendulum also utilizes the OR power it also brings you in touch with your Higher-Self.

So, what does this mean?

Long story short, it kicks-down the doors that separate our plane with the Other Planes and allows you to get the answers that you so much desire!


“Programming” the Orgonite Pendulum Pendant:

So as to utilize successfully the Orgonite Pendulum Pendant you will have to go through a “programming” process.

Keep in mind guys, this is NOT some pendulum that you buy in the market etc. This pendulum is the real-deal and due to the fact that you will penetrate the Other-Side; you will have to “program” your pendulum correctly!

Moreover: the more you will infuse the pendulum with your energies the deeper you will proceed in the Other-World.

That means, that if you will ever get scared of what you will actually draw towards you, what you must do is to create your barrier/protection. To accomplish that, you will have to create an Orgonite-Energy-Grid by using various of our Orgonites simultaneously; and that, in a specific manner. Assuming that you will get to that level, contact us immediately to receive the specific instructions.

To summarize:

By using the pendulum, you will not move to the other side – like it happens when utilizing… let us say, our pendants; nor will you perform any type of astral projection.

What the pendulum does is to act as a hook to the other side, and because of this created rip, will you be able to actually use the pendulum.

Regarding the “programming process” we have written a specific step-by-step guide, for the ones that are seriously interested in using a real orgonic-pendulum and by opening the powers of the ancient arts of the Pendulums. You can find the guide, in our Forum, by following the link (URL) below:

Programming the Pendulum Pendant

Finally, we have also written a complete (beginners) guide for all of our Orgonites, that we have made public so far; and you can find it by following the link (URL) below:

The Complete Guide about our Authentic Orgonites


(Please Note: Due to the fact that our authentic orgonites are highly effective, in our product description we provide you with JUST the basic materials but we do not mention the rest of the materials that have been used, nor the techniques, for obvious reasons).

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Orgonites for the first time?


To begin with, and to put it bluntly, here are a few facts for the uninitiated ones and regarding the topic of orgonites:

What sets our orgonites apart from the rest is that… our orgonites are authentic... the real deal (continue reading and you will understand why)!

Unfortunately, for people that come across the matter of orgonites, especially for the first time, they – obviously – have no idea how the entire process works and are attracted by something shiny etc.

So, a plethora of “sellers” realized the above-mentioned fact and practically are selling to the unexperienced people shiny trash.

What is more, the striking majority of orgonites that are out there are all literally fakes!

Consequently, this circle spiralled out of control and the market has been flooded with fake products.

Admittedly, they may be looking "beautiful" to you but still, they are not authentic; and in regards to the OR-DOR energies they accomplish literally nothing

Our advice: Do not be impressed be shiny junk that will have zero effect on the etheric plane, the astral planes etc.


What orgonites do:

In one line: orgonites transform the negative energy (known as DOR) into positive energy (known as OR).


In more detail:

Orgonites pull into them all negative energies, surrounding you and the environment around you, transform that energy into positive and afterwards, they channel the entire positive energy outwards.

Consequently, orgonites transform everything into positive energy. This transformation affects you and the environment around you (i.e. plants) in the outmost positive manner. All negativity disappears; something that you will actually feel!

Moreover, the effects of the orgonites do not just stop on the physical plane but penetrate all planes like, the etheric fields, the astral plane the higher spiritual planes and so forth.

Consequently, according to what you want to achieve you utilize the specific orgonite or a combination of orgonites.

Additional effects of Orgonites:

Neutralize the negative effects of EM fields.

Energize water, food, minerals, etc.

Harmonize/neutralize natural faults, such as Curry lines cross, Hartmann, etc.

Globally strengthen the vitality of all living things: plants, animals, humans.


Types of Orgonites:

Indeed, there are various types and classifications of orgonites; always, depending on what you want to accomplish. Among other types, there are the pyramids, the pendants etc.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the real orgonites are not this shinny junk that you see in the market because they have to follow specific rules of fractal blueprints, specific laws of energy (i.e. see Tesla) and specific rules of esoterism.

For instance: placing orgonite-pyramids in specific locations inside your house, above specific materials, and by following what is known the forms of holy geometry, you will be able to create “a positive energy-grid”, that will surround your house or apartment (like a cocoon). That grid will not only recharge you, and fill you, with positive and healthy energy but it will also block all negativity… toxic people included!


Orgonites: The Process and the Production of Orgonites… how it is done!



One: orgonites cannot be mass produced!

Two: the real orgonites cannot be pre-produced before an actual order occurs… the production process starts once you will issue the order!

Three: it takes time to produce-construct a real orgonite! That means that once you complete the order it can take from a couple of days to up a week for a real orgonite to be created and to be send to you.

Four: All materials that are used for our orgonites are real… meaning, that if the materials of the orgonite that you have ordered, among other things, also include gold, silver or copper; pure gold, pure silver or pure copper will be used!

Five: The technology of the real orgonites is mainly based on three aspects, a) on spiritual-esoteric matters, b) a fractal cosmos and c) on scientific inventions of the following three famous scientists: Wilhelm Reich, George Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla (yes, you read correctly)!

Six: In order to create a real orgonite, its creator, has to be prepared to do so. Meaning, that the creator has to go through a process that combines the following things: fasting, meditation, specific type of energy charging and so forth. At this point, it should be apparent to you why it takes time for a real orgonite to be produced.

Seven: Our know-how is based on over 30 years (!!!) of research and personal experience, and experimentation, of all the effects that an orgonite can have.

Eight: We always follow up the order of an orgonite and are always available to our customers… to guide them on how to use an orgonite, where to place it and to answer all of their questions (for that, go to our forum and under the section of “E-shop” you can ask us all relevant questions).

Nine: Gradually, we will add articles in our forums that will allow you a deeper understanding of all matters that surround the topic of orgonites.

Ten: Our advice: Buying a real, a true, orgonite and implementing it into your life will have extraordinary positive effects on you and your surroundings. Therefore, do your research and learn to distinguish the real orgonites among the plethora of fakes out there.

We have written a complete guide about our Authentic Orgonites which you can access through our Forum for free (keep in mind that registration will be required for new visitors so as to enter the forums; registration is free and takes a couple of minutes).

The URL for the specific Guide is:

Complete Guide about our Authentic Orgonites


The Guide of how to Programming the Orgonite Pendulum Pendant van be found here:


Programming the Pendulum Pendant