Authentic Orgones – The Full Guide

The Ultimate Guide for Authentic Orgones

Authentic Orgone – The Full Guide


This book was written for you!

And for any other person that is interested in the subject of Authentic Orgones, for the person that is interested in acquiring an Authentic Orgone and for the individual that wishes to enter the spheres of Authentic Orgones.

More importantly, this book illustrates the process of how to distinguish Authentic Orgones from all the unauthentic ones.

Furthermore, it is written for all the people that are constantly contacting us and are asking for clarifications; in regards to the topic of authentic Orgones. Additionally, as people contact us, we have observed that many of their questions are very similar, if not identical… consequently, this book was also written with the intention of answering all these types of questions.

What is more, in this book you will also find the general steps of creating Authentic Orgones as well as all the topics that surround the subject of Authentic Orgones.

Consequently, by reading through the Book, you will gain the main insights that will illuminate your path into the world of Authentic Orgones.


The main points of the current book are:

To help you understand the entire concept of authentic Orgones.

To introduce you to the main principles of authentic Orgones.

To tell you the science behind authentic Orgones. 

To provide you with the knowledge so as to be able to distinguish the authentic Orgones from the unauthentic ones.

To teach you what authentic Orgones really are, what they can do and how to work with them.

To illustrate to you the various types of authentic Orgones and what each of their main functions are.

To explain to you what an orgonic-energy-triangle is and what an orgonic-energy-grid is.


Additional points of reference and explanations are provided for the following topics:

Why Authentic Orgones cannot be Pre-produced nor Mass-produced.

Why Authentic Orgones are NOT and CANNOT be cheap.

The Astral Plane and various aspects of the “supernatural”.


What you will NOT find in this book, are basically three things:

One, the detailed instructions of how to actually create an authentic Orgone (the reasons are explained in the book).

Two, the instructions, and additional insights, that we send to our customers, such as: how to use our authentic Orgones and how to maximize their effects (exclusive privileges, reserved for customers only).

Three, very advanced conversations that we exchange with our customers (exclusive privileges, reserved for customers only).



Pages: 192

By: Ancient Greece Reloaded

Copyright, by: Ancient Greece Reloaded

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The full Index (page) of the Book:


Why was this Book written

The main difficulties of writing the present book

The main points of the book and what you will gain from it

Who we are

Why are Orgones that are NOT authentic sold and why do many sellers claim of selling the real deal

Love Potions

What Authentic Orgones do

Authentic Orgones as Transformers


Authentic Orgones: Going one step beyond…

The Multi-Wave Oscillator (aka, MWO - the Lakhovsky antenna)

Orgones: The Process and the Production of Orgones… how it is done!

Authentic Orgones Pre-Production and Mass-Production

Types of Authentic Orgones, How to use them and Area of Influence in the Physical Plane

The Effects of Authentic Orgones (the entire Spectrum)

Versions of Orgones

Why Authentic Orgones Can NOT be Cheap

The Other Side

Humans with soul and without soul

The Dreamworld

Orgones and Meditation

Orgones and the Supernatural

How to Utilize Authentic Orgones against the Supernatural

The war that you take part in

The lessons to be learned

Authentic Orgones and the Vertigo Effect

Orgonic War


Summarizing the Main Points

How to distinguish Authentic Orgones from the fake ones

  1. Materials, Design, Shape and Balance of Materials
  2. Lakhovsky antenna
  3. Mass-Production and Pre-Production
  4. Existing Guides
  5. Esoteric Science
  6. The Creator of Authentic Orgones
  7. The War that you take part in
  8. Versions of Orgones
  9. The Vertigo Effect
  10. From where to start?

Conclusion and Afterword

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