The Devils Eye Silver Volcanic Bat Necklace

The necklace that helps us uncover the secrets.

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  • The Devils Eye Silver Volcanic Bat Necklace, a necklace that brings forth the powers of warding against the Devil's Eye and the power of the Bat.

    Based on the powers of Lava Stone, the necklace is by default geared towards your Higher Chakras (especially yours Crown Chakra); with the aim of unlocking your hidden - and true - perceptions of the world.

    Walking between the Twilight the bat becomes your guide that will lead you in unlocking your hidden and secret potentials.

    Additionally, special support is created in protecting you against the Devil's Eye and thus, allowing your third eye to remain unhindered in its quest of your spiritual transitions.

    Stones - Cleansed and Purified:

    Base Materials:
    Triple-A high quality Volcanic Lava Stone directly extracted from Mt Vesuvius, Antique Silver Pewter Bat and Stainless Silver against Devil's Eye medal.  

    Dimensions (adjustable):
    ca 52 to 76 cm 

    6 mm and 8 mm.

    Devils Eye Pendant:
    14 mm

    Bat Pendant:
    25 mm X 10 mm

    Style of Necklace:



    This design is Copyright by DeMar © 2020

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    Rock Specks

    Color: Black

    Type of stone: Basalt aka Lava Rock

    Hardness: 2

    Chakra: Crown and Higher Crown Chakras

    Element: Fire & Earth

    Planet: Earth

    Numerological Number: 1

    Astrological: Taurus & Cancer

    Magickal Uses: Dream work, Enhancing Creativity, Communication, Cleansing Negativity


    Volcanic Lava Rock 

    Mother Earth has indeed gifted us with many treasures. But there’s one stone that stands tall, simply because it’s a part of the earth’s womb, itself. And that is the volcanic lava stone. Once it arises to the surface and cools it is used and designed for fashion and spiritual use. The black lava stone has been around for centuries and various indigenous tribes and communities have used black lava stone beads. Although not as attractive as jewelry made from precious stones, a volcanic stone bracelet makes up for their earthy appearance with their spiritual mystique.

    So, you may still ask yourself, what is lava stone? To break it up to you, lava stone or volcanic beads as we use them are precious stones that now a day are mostly used either as volcanic rock jewelry or as talismans, and are quite popular as accessories.

    There’s a special bond between the black lava rock beads and our beloved planet. Knowing the fact that it comes directly from Earth’s core, the lava beads meaning is of grounding and connecting with nature. Native Americans would wear a piece a lava mineral before war for where it is believed lava rock energy would bring them courage and strength. Thus why, it’s more common to see mens lava stone bracelets.


    Lava Rock Properties

    It’s believed that emotional and spiritual lava healing properties can be obtained by each person that wears a real lava stone bead bracelet, because of their strong association with the Earth. Due to this earthly connection, volcanic rock beads are seen as symbols of fertility, endurance and strength. From a spiritual perspective, a lava gemstone is great for grounding the root chakra and starting your day off with a slight pump into some mindfulness meditation. For better absorption of their lava stone healing properties, it is recommended to wear volcanic lava beads close within the skin.

    Moreover, they are considered as healing stones to bringing peace into the mind and spirit. It’s believed that wearing an authentic black lava stone bracelet will allow the wearer to access energy freely, allowing a clear flow and use of lava stone healing to nurture themselves physically as well as spiritually. Furthermore, some cultures also believe that lava stone energy offer stability and courage during troublesome times, since they strengthen the wearer’s relationship with that of the planet.


    Lava Stone Benefits

    Traditionally, lava bead jewelry is said to have lava rock healing properties and they keep people warm in cold climates. These volcanic stones have made their journey, straight from the earth’s core, they are associated with spirituality and universality. However, they offer more than just an aesthetic lava bead bracelet beauty; this stabilizing effects of a real black lava stone bracelet extends into the emotional and spiritual spheres by eliminating strong negative emotions, providing clarity and offering hope during difficult and emotional times.

    Most people use these lava stone bracelet benefits for their anxiety and mood swings, lava rock beads really help each person ground themselves and control their excessive thinking.



    Whereas gold is the metal of the sun, silver is the metal of the moon. Like the moon and water, silver is reflective and used to mirror the soul bringing people calm and balance. Silver is used to 'draw down the moon' during lunar ceremonies, giving the wearer use of the moons energy and protecting them from negativity.

    Silver's connection to the spiritual life is mostly seen in traditional cultures where people live in union and deep respect for the earth. For example, the Tibetans spiritual silver jewelry is often combined with gemstones and crystals which then resonate their healing vibrations more strongly. Another aspect of the silver natural healing belief is that wearing this jewelry brings the wearer more in tune with the vibrations and flow of the universe. It is the metal of emotions, love and healing. Silver's properties are strongest during the new and full moon.


    Silver Metaphysical Properties and Silver Mystical Properties

    • manifestation of wealth, riches, and health
    • improves quality of speech and brings eloquence to conversations
    • calming and balancing
    • reflects away negativity and evil intentions
    • brings the wearer more in tune with the flow of the universe
    • like the moon and water, a mirror to the soul
    • increases strength of perception
    • awakens and increases psychic and intuitive capacities
    • provides strong connection between physical and astral bodies
    • increases the strength of gemstones and crystals, particularly Moonstone, Amethyst, Quartz, and Turquoise
    • high malleability (ability to be shaped), enables the user/wearer to bend energies, creating vital energy centers
    • placed on your forehead, activates and opens your Third Eye Chakra
    • astrologically associated with Cancer and Aquarius, the element Water, and direction West
    • increased Perception, increased intuition and increased Recovery.


    Silver in Healing

    Wearing silver jewelry is said to help heal and calm the mind, to help clear the lungs and throat, to increase circulation and purify the blood, to balance hormones and to slow the progression of degenerative brain diseases. Just wearing silver is said to help draw negative energy from the body to make way for positive energy.

    Any stone used for healing will benefit from being set into silver.

    Silver is a great conductor of energy, including magic. Any stone set in silver will be amplified and its energy more easily directed.



    Bat Symbolism & Meaning


    If you’re seeking the wisdom of Bat Energy it’s a sign your higher-self is helping you sharpen your sense of ‘true seeing’.

    Because Bats come out at night, they have long had emblematic ties to death and the underworld. When we look closer, however, we see that Bat (like all Mammals) lives inside the Mother’s womb from which it emerges, a symbolic renewal and new beginning. So much is the case that folk wisdom calls these creatures “Night’s Guardian”.

    In Shamanism Bat medicine ties directly with the Shaman’s ability to walk between the worlds. Bat represents both death and life, endings and beginnings. Flying with the Bat means trusting your psychic gifts and having confidence in yourself.

    European stories associate Bat Spirit with magical creatures including witches and vampires, which at that time wasn’t a positive status. However, the Bat as a familiar in modern times is far more positive, even representing good luck.


    Bat Spirit Animal

    If Bat has made its presence known as your Spirit Animal be ready for major transitions.

    Bats are highly sensitive animals. Bat will urge you to keep all your senses on alert so that you gather the signs and omens the Universe is giving you.

    As your Spirit Animal, Bat will help you strengthen your natural capacity to “see” with all 6 senses. If Bat keeps showing up in your awareness, take some time to clean and refine your taste, sight, touch, smell, hearing, and, of course, your clairvoyant or psychic abilities.

    Note that while Bat can symbolize death, as a Spirit Animal, it does not have to be a literal death. Instead something may end – a job, a living space, a relationship or even outmoded thoughts about yourself and your role in the greater scheme of things. Bat is here to make this change as smooth as possible and ease you through any associated pain.


    Bat Totem Animal

    Those born with a Bat Totem have uncanny perceptions. Don’t try to fool them with disguises – it won’t work. In fact, it will usually blow up in your face because Bat has no time for such deception.

    Bats are super social animals. People who identify with Bat as their Totem Animal want to always be surrounded by family and friends with whom they can communicate honestly and openly – especially without others fearing their psychic sensitivities.

    If you have a Bat Totem you are an excellent communicator who knows how to change the direction of a conversation when necessary and adapt on a dime.

    When in a group you know how to be an active listener, giving everyone a voice. Because of this, you’ll likely have very few (if any) “emotional collisions” with others.

    Your perceptions make you wise and diligent, often being the initiator of new things or the one who cleans up afterward.


    Bat Power Animal

    There are many reasons to seek out Bat as your Power Animal, not the least of which is helping you with spiritual transitions and past life exploration.

    Bat helps us uncover secrets, even those we hide from ourselves. Remember, it is a myth that Bats have poor vision. They have excellent vision in the light. But when the shadows fall, Bat must use its echolocation ability to avoid disaster.

    Are you a secret keeper? Do you tuck fears away in dark places? Bat can help you face these things and put an end to the emotional burdens that fear and secrets weigh you down with.

    Bat as a Power Animal can also teach us when a hasty retreat is in order – it is OK to return to the safety of a cave periodically. There you can rest and rejuvenate in a place where you’re less visible.

    Call on Bat medicine when you want to release old, outmoded ways of thinking and behaving.

    Get rid of fear and embrace a new way of living!

    Remember that facing the dark need not be scary and it just might help you seek out the Light as a place where you can live, always.


    Native American Bat Symbolic Meanings

    As a Native American animal symbol, Bat is a guide through the darkness. Bat medicine releases us from our old self and opens the doors for something new and healing.

    As in other settings Bat can be a trickster akin to Coyote. Blind man’s bluff is a favourite game. Let Bat teach you to “see” by HEARING.

    But, also, let Bat energy teach you that things are not always as YOU “see” them.


    Bat as a Celtic Animal Symbol

    Celtic symbolism associates Bats with the underworld as well as with being a “spiritual navigator”. Because the Bat hangs upside down, Celts gave this night creature the symbolic value of transposition – akin to being reborn.