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The Sun Rosary of Helios 5 Decade Catholic Rosary Necklace

DeMar ROS-C-SR-E553S View

The Sun Rosary of Helios 5 Decade Catholic Rosary Necklace is an exclusive, special and very powerful Rosary.

Inspired by the traditional Catholic Rosaries that prevailed throughout the Christian history in combination with the idea of the sun that reflects the strengthening of your faith as well as Greek Mythology. 

The Sun Rosary of Helios 5 Decade Catholic Rosary Necklace is an elite line rosary that is meant to guide you through your prayers. 

Shaped in the holy Mt Athos, completed in the famous Mt Pelion and blessed directly by the Catholic Church. 

It has been created for individuals that have to take upon missions (high-risk and covert) missions and require their existence to remain concealed. 

In regards to the beads: Citrine and pure Hematite gemstones; completely cleansed and purified.

Second, its cross: made of pure stainless Silver Cross symbolizing the guidance of our Christ in every step of ours. Supported with a pure 925 Silver medal of our Holy Mary. 

Third, the Sun Rosary of Helios has been officially blessed by the church - bringing with it the blessings of the heavens.

Next, the specific handmade rosary has been made by experts and during its creation protective prayers were used for each bead and is tightly knotted.

The Sun Rosary of Helios is a unique, beautiful and elegant rosary destined to support your prayers. 

Rosary Necklace:

Created in Mt Athos and completed in Mt Pelion (Two of the most powerful holy grounds)

Yes, Catholic

Base Materials:
Triple-A high quality Citrine, Hematite, 925 pure Silver, a pure 925 Silver Medal of our Holy Mary and a pure stainless 925 Silver Cross.

ca 92 cm --- Silver Cross: ca 5 cm


By,DeMarThis design is Copyright by DeMar © 2022

---> PS: If you would like to have another cross in your Rosary instead of the default one – during your order please specify the number of the cross that you would like to switch with.


The Dragon Blood 5 Decade Rosary

DeMar DR-HS-638A View

The Dragon 5 Decade Rosary is a beautiful rosary that is based on the heavenly colors which radiate during the sunrise and the sunset. 

The rosary is made of high quality Dragon Vein beads and is completed with the finishing touches of silver Hematite Beads. 

Furthermore, the rosary combines two kind of crosses which are made of Red Turquoise and stainless Vintage Silver.

Moreover, in the rosary also integrated is a Holy Mary vintage silver medal. 

What is more, all beads have been cleansed and purified.

Finally, the rosary has been blessed by the church.

Rosary Necklace:

Rosary - Blessed:

Color of the Rosary:
Blood Red and Silver 

Base Materials:
Triple-A high quality Dragon Veins Beads, Hematite, a Holy Mary vintage silver medal and Stainless Vintage Silver.  

ca 83 cm --- Cross: ca 5 cm --- Red Cross: 1.5 cm --- Medal: 3 cm

Dragon Vein beads:
8 mm

Hematite beads:
6 mm

By,DeMarThis design is Copyright by DeMar © 2023

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