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PANDORA – The gemstones Complete Jewelry set

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PANDORA – Complete set (necklace and bracelet) of 8mm high quality beads of Black Onyx, Carnelian and Silver(Please Note: The necklace and the bracelet are Handmade! The Design and the creation of the necklace and the bracelet are exclusively done by DeMar). 
Description:The Complete Set of the Pandora line: bracelet and necklace.High-end materials were used to create an elegant, beautiful, strong and unique set of 8mm beads.The Pandora necklace and bracelet combine the power of pure-gemstones namely, the one of Black Onyx, Carnelian and Silver; finished with a silver ending-bead.As Pandora was able, in the end, to keep inside her box hope; so, does the Pandora line represent the beauty of life and the hope for a brighter future. Consequently, this contrast is also reflected in the colours and the gemstones of the Pandora-Set.The Pandora collection comes in a limited edition; hence, in a limited number.Moreover, by combining purified, cleansed and Reiki charged beads we created a jewelry of the purest form so as to enhance your spiritual endeavours.Finally, only the highest quality of gemstone beads were used to ensure that you are getting the best and most pure energy from the jewelry. They are all attuned with Reiki energy before shipping them to you and all beads are cleansed with sound and smoke; and completed with the purification prayer ritual.

Base Materials:High end: Black Onyx, Carnelian and Silver-bead ending. Size of beads: 8mm beads Colours:Black, Fire-Red, Silver  By,DeMar About the Quality of our products:We use high quality materials in our products (i.e. bracelets, necklaces etc) such as a very good grade of genuine natural gemstones and stainless-steel wire and clasps. We always take the time to give you excellent beading and inspection. We keep you in mind as we design our products so the finished product is durable, of a very high quality and beautiful.


The Pan Cuff Bracelet made of 100% pure and solid 925 Silver

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The Pan Cuff Bracelet is a quality jewelry cuff bracelet that can be used as: a bracelet, an armband or as an Upper Arm Cuff Armlet.

You can wear it in occasions like weddings, Bridal Festival, anniversaries, engagement festival, on special occasions or you can just wear the Pan Cuff Bracelet as a set with your dress.

The Pan Cuff Bracelet is made of 100% pure and solid 925 Silver. And although it is made of pure 100% solid 925 silver, it is designed to be lightweight so as to give the wearer an ethereal feeling. 

Regardless the occasion, the Lion Pan Bracelet will make you stand out from the rest and your beauty shall shine.


Pan is an enormous figures in the pages of mythology. You van read everything about Pan in our website:

Nevertheless, we will focus on another aspect of Pan.

His name Pan means everything!

The dual nature of Pan symbolizes both the animalistic (aka, materialistic) and the spiritual realm.

When you decide to travel the path of Pan in essence it is the path to conquer yourself, to rise above the materialistic temptations and to awaken your spiritual powers. Remember: it is one thing to knowingly walk inside the world (since we have a body) and a completely different thing being swayed by it - the world, the circumstances and the emotions.

Thus, instead of being a spectator of life become the one that commands life itself. 

Designed for the woman that rises above the materialistic realm and awakens her spiritual powers. 

Product Details:

Material: 100% pure and solid 925 Silver 


Girl / Woman

Shape/pattern: Pan


Bangle: Diameter ca 7cm (Adjustable) 

By,DeMarThis design is Copyright by DeMar © 2021

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