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Orpheus Aura (Spartan Version) - Energy Infused Bracelet

DeMar Orpheus V2 - 020 B View

(Please Note: The bracelet is Handmade and of high quality! The Design and the creation of the bracelet is exclusively done by DeMar). 

Description:About the bracelet "Orpheus’ Aura"The bracelet Orpheus’ Aura focuses on protection, on healing, on inner peace and balance, on retaining a clear head, on intuition, on creativity, on spiritual well-being and on fighting off stress and negativity.  The first thing that you need to know is that:The bracelet Orpheus’ Aura comes in two colours namely, white and black.Who can wear it?Black Colour (power, control, mysterious and protective): Usually, people that are active in the areas of business/corporate area, in the military, in Information Technology, in politics etc. should go for the black colour.White Colour (new beginnings, guidance, wholeness and completion): People that are active in the areas of medicine, of education, of team-sports, in the media etc. should go for the white bracelet.To the question: if someone can wear both bracelets simultaneously – so as to access the faculties of both bracelets?The answer is: Yes, you can! Orpheus’ Aura has been designed around the attributes of Jasper which is throughout connected with the power of Hematite and its faculties.Moreover, for the ones that are aware with the power of numbers, the bracelets Orpheus’ Aura incorporate in them, the powers of: 5, 6 and 7.

Finally, and besides energy infusion, Orpheus’s Aura has been created by following the “fractal charm-protection” structure; so as to infuse protective charms. How Orpheus’ Aura will help you:As stated in the beginning, the bracelet Orpheus’ Aura focuses on protection, on healing, on inner peace and balance, on retaining a clear head, on intuition, on creativity, on spiritual well-being and on fighting off stress and negativity.  Consequently, Orpheus’ Aura will:Cleanse/purify your vibrational energies,keep you focused and creative,eliminate stress,increase your intuition,focus on your root-chakra and your spiritual-balance,protect you against negativity and negative energies (toxic people included).

About the Quality of our products:
We use quality materials in our products (i.e. bracelets) such as a good grade of genuine natural gemstones and stainless-steel wire and clasps. Because our jewelry is not manufactured, we take the time to give you excellent beading and inspection. We keep you in mind as we design our products so the finished product is both durable and beautiful.Finding your size and ordering a specific size:
To find your size lay a loose cord around your wrist and then lay on a flat ruler.
Consequently, if you wish for a specific size send us a message (or a note) when you order.

By,DeMarThis design is Copyright by DeMar © 2019


The Hematite good Luck Bracelet

DeMar HEM-BR-411 View

The Hematite good Luck Bracelet is a good luck charm bracelet designed and created by DeMar.

What is more, Hematite balances the meridians within the whole body, as it is great for physical healing, along with providing one with a mental and spiritual well-being. It stimulates the mind while protecting, grounding and balancing.

By combining pure high quality Bronze/Copper Hematite gemstones an elegant jewelry bracelet has been formed to radiate the beauty of its wearer and to support his /her goals.Moreover, all beads have been cleansed, purified and protective prayers were cast on them.  If you are looking for a unique, minimalistic yet an elegant and powerful bracelet that embraces the power of Luck, good Fortune and Destiny, this bracelet was made just for you.

Additional Used for or during:Meditation and Yoga, Transformation, Evocations and Invocations
Base Materials:Triple-A high quality pure Bronze and Copper Hematite  Size of beads:4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm 

Colours:Bronze and Bronze/Gold 

Bracelet Length:

ca. 18-24 cm (adjustable)

By,DeMar This design is Copyright by DeMar © 2021 


Hecate's Eye - the Protection against the Evil Eye (Ver. 2)

DeMar Bracelet - 001-A View

(Please Note: The bracelet is Handmade and of high quality! The Design and the creation of the bracelet is exclusively done by DeMar). 


Hecate's Eye
Have you ever felt like nothing in your life goes the way you wanted it to go?Have you ever felt that while you are working very hard in your job, trying to keep a happy family or that there are people around you that are jealous of you; no matter how much you are supporting them?Have you ever felt as if there are “vampires” around you that constantly feed on your energy; leaving you exhausted in every turn of your life?Have you ever felt that you need something to protect you from all of this?Do you want to increase your health, to increase your wealth and power as well as to increase your sharpness?If your answer to all the above questions is yes… than you definitely need Hecate’s Eye! The basics:The bracelet of Hecate’s Eye has been designed to “stand” elegant in the wrist of both male and females.It is handmade and its created by utilizing a series of long protective chants, protective charms and is “energy infused” by following specific types of evocations.The two main gemstones that were used are the Black Onyx and the Tiger’s Eye (for more details about what these gemstones do – when infused with specific kinds of energies – click on the relevant tabs).

To an uninitiated person, Hecate’s Eye may appear as just a beautiful and elegant bracelet but… it is purposely created like this so as to hide the power that it brings with it!Remember that Hecate was the goddess of Magic, Witchcraft, Enhancements and Mystery… as a matter of fact Hecate was purposely so enigmatic that no one could actually comprehend and recognize her “disguise”. And that exactly is the point of Hecate’s Eye… that no one except you will be aware of Hecate’s power! Advanced Description: Before we begin, allow us to give you just one example, to help you understand, of how Hecate’s Eye has been created:The energy vibration of the Tiger’s Eye is: 4 and 8 (click the tab called: “Tiger’s Eye Chart”).Hecate’s Eye, consists of 16 gemstones divided in 2… that gives you 8 (one of the energy vibrations of the Tiger Eye)!Also, if you add the Enhanced Protective Eye, the above number becomes 17; which again gives you 8!The Black Onyx Gemstones are 14, divided by 2; which gives you 7 X 7… and by a type of evocation, the black onyx is enhanced with the power of 7 by 7. That makes 49 which will give you 13 (the original zodiacs) and in turn becomes 4 (the first of the Tiger’s Eye energy vibration)!This example was brought forth to illustrate to you that nothing is done by chance while shaping Hecate’s Eye.

Going one step further:From a mystical standpoint Hecate’s Eye combines the following aspects (for more details click on the tab called “Mysteries”):The power of Colours: Black, Gold, White and Blue (4: vibration of the Tiger’s Eye). The power of Numbers:1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 (6: vibration of the Black Onyx) Protection against the Devil’s Eye:Specific “energy infused” protection, and charm, against the “Devil’s Eye”.

Enchantments – Energy Infusion

During the entire creation process, protection chants and protection spells are utilized so as to additionally infuse the bracelet’s gemstones with specific types of energies. Consequently, Hecate’s Eye turns into the absolute protection for you. As a Side Note:If you want to go completely Overkill against all negativity (etheric and negative astral entities, toxic people, to boost your energies in a significant manner, to influence the Karma of your life and to step into the fields of clairvoyant... combine our bracelets with our orgonites and witness it all).Please Notice:Our bracelets and orgonites are to protect and to support, in their endeavours, people that have not succumbed into the “dark side”. For instance, if you are a toxic person than the spells and charms will turn against you and protect the ones that are meant to be protected by them. About the Quality of our products:
We use quality materials in our products (i.e. bracelets) such as a good grade of genuine natural gemstones and stainless-steel wire and clasps. Because our jewelry is not manufactured, we take the time to give you excellent beading and inspection. We keep you in mind as we design our products so the finished product is both durable and beautiful.Finding your size and ordering a specific size:
To find your size lay a loose cord around your wrist and then lay on a flat ruler.
Consequently, if you wish for a specific size send us a message (or a note) when you order.


The Lion’s Gaze the Energy Infused Power Necklace

DeMar Lion-Neck-35AS View

The Lion’s Gaze Energy Infused Power Necklace - Be the Lion
The energy infused power Necklace, in contrast to most other of our other Necklaces, is geared towards individuals that, on the one hand, want to face their soul’s dark paths head on, while on the other hand, they charge forward as leaders and never as followers; for the ones that go all out for the sake of their dreams, for their glory for their success.In other terms, the Lion’s Gaze Energy Infused Power Necklace is for the brave and not for the weak.It is for the ones that have decided to either make it or to fall while going for it; no middle ground and no half-backed resolve.In simple terms: it is exclusively made for the King!In regards to the inner path and how the Lion’s Gaze Energy Infused Power Necklace works, it can be based described with the following parable:“When you throw a stick at a dog the dog chases after the stick. But when you throw a stick at a Lion, something different happens. Instead of chasing after the stick, the Lion chases you, the thrower of the stick.Here the stick thrown signifies a “problem” that arises in our lives, bringing on feelings of annoyance, frustration, anger, and even hostility, as problems often do. By focusing our attention on the problem, we are chasing after the stick like a dog, trying to make the problem go away. This is a mistake. What we don´t realize is that the real problem is not in the physical world, but in the inner world, the world inside us. The problem that appears in the outer world is just a symptom of this deeper, inner problem because the outer world is a mirror-reflection of the inner world.Having the gaze of the Lion means turning our attention inward and looking within ourselves for the real problem.

The Lion's gaze is direct, focusing at the source; and the Lion is wise and fearless, charging directly at the source. By addressing the “inward imperfection” or “inward imbalance” that is causing the outer world problem, we are addressing the source of the problem, rather than the symptom.When we have the Lion's Gaze, we begin to see problems in the physical world no longer as problems but as blessings that help guide us in our lives. Problems show us where we need to concentrate our efforts inward, in our ongoing Great Work of self-discovery, self-understanding, self-development and self-mastery. Looking within ourselves to try to understand why a “physical world” problem is occurring puts us on a kind of “fast-track” to better understanding our true nature and remembering who we are.“Be like a lion, who, rather than chasing after the stick, turns to face the thrower. You only throw a stick at a lion once.” - Milarepa“The Lion stands for Strength, courage and willpower.Ancient sages also assigned the four elements with meaning, fire being passion and personal power. It can also be used to burn away delusions of the conscious mind and replace them with higher values that serve us better in life. In shamanic traditions, the lion represents creativity, intuition and imagination, all of which are required for self-fulfilment, or enlightenment in the sense that you adopt a greater understanding of something.The lion reminds us to summon strength in order to achieve our goals.In alchemical symbolism, the lion is interchangeable with the sun, it’s large, fiery mane bearing a strong reflection to the solar star. The Power of the Animal LionThe lion is also associated with ancient sun godsBe prepared when you invoke Lion as a Power Animal. This mighty animal ally will charge into your life with all the power of the noon-day sun.There is no hesitancy here – rather simple knowingness. Lion people know their place in the proverbial food chain and in the world – at the apex. Lions are a proud lot with commanding communication skills and a natural knack for leadership.Walking with the Lion as a Power Animal means being ready for trouble, but not seeking it out.Channelling Lion energy encourages you to do what is noble and right with conviction. Don’t be afraid to use the Lion’s energy waiting in the grasses of your Aura. Letting even just a little out puts predators on notice, particularly when it comes to your intimate pride. Disrespect is not in Lion’s vocabulary, let alone the word “quit”.The sacred triad of character traits: honour, respect and gratitude sum up the Lion’s metaphysical associations nicely. Honour means appreciation, respect is earned and gratitude goes hand in hand with walking in this world as a spirit-being. Black Onyx:The Lion’s Gaze Energy Infused Power Bracelet is exclusively made of pure AAA Black Onyx.Why Black Onyx?Because Black Onyx purely focuses on: Dream work, Enhancing Creativity, Communication, Cleansing Negativity, emotional and spiritual healing properties as well as they are considered as healing stones to bringing peace into the mind and spirit.By wearing authentic Black Onyx will allow the wearer to access energy freely, allowing for a clear (energy) flow and use of healing to nurture themselves physically as well as spiritually.

Do not forget: Black Onyx is the "Stone of Self-Mastery" Additional Used for or during:Meditation and Yoga, Transformation, Evocations and Invocations Chakra(s):Root, Solar Plexus and Third-Eye Element: Fire & Earth

Energy Vibration: 6 Energy:ProtectionHealingGrounding
Base Materials:

AAA Black Onyx, pure 925 Silver and stainless unbreakable steel. 

Dimensions (in cm - adjustable):ca, min 46 - max 70 Colour:Pitch Black and Silver Size of beads:6 mm - 8 mm Black Onyx and a 10 mm Pure Silver Lion Head bead closing Number of beads:19 Energy infusion:Yes. Energy infusion is focused on the aspects of: Power, Strength, Insight, Courage and Willpower

About the Quality of our products:
We use quality materials in our products (i.e. bracelets) such as a good grade of genuine natural gemstones and stainless-steel wire and clasps. Because our jewelry is not manufactured, we take the time to give you excellent beading and inspection. We keep you in mind as we design our products so the finished product is both durable and beautiful.


This design is Copyright by DeMar © 2021


Orgone Pendant - Golden Dragon Version 2

AGR Gold-Pendant-33 View

*** Please Read before you place your Order for the Golden Dragon Orgone Pendant - Otherwise your order will be canceled !!! *** 

Before you proceed in purchasing the Golden Dragon Version 2 Orgone Pendant there are mainly 3 things that need to be addressed (especially if it is your first time visiting AGR Online); which are:

- what is the Golden Dragon orgone Pendant?

- What is a Version 2 Orgone Pendant?

- What is the actual price tag?

1. What is the Golden Dragon? 

In essence, the Golden Dragon is the upgraded and ultra powerful version of the Blue Dragon Orgone Pendant.

If you do not know what the Blue Dragon is capable of, click on the link below and you can read all about the Blue Dragon:

(Click Here): The Blue Dragon Orgone Pendant

2. What is a version 2 orgone Pendant?

If you are asking yourself the aforementioned question, it goes without saying that you have never read our guide. 

For reference, you can acquire our full guide by following the link below:

(Click Here): Authentic Orgones – The Full Guide

That being said, we will follow a Q-A pattern so as to help you understand what orgone versions are, when referring to authentic orgones... so let us begin:

Is there only one version of an authentic orgones? Usually authentic orgones have only one version.For example, if you create an authentic orgone pendant – let us call it "Pendant X" – this is the version of your authentic orgone pendant.What can be altered are some of its components which will allow "Pendant X" to focus more on a specific issue/area; that of course must be requested by the buyer.The above-mentioned process is known as "customization".Nevertheless, under specific circumstances an upgraded version of the existing "Pendant X" can be created. And this brings us to the following four questions: Why, how, when and how many? How:You can create an upgraded version of "Pendant X" by going through certain re-adjustments and through specific types of additional energy infusion.We are aware that the above answer may appear a little vague but by providing a more specific answer… would basically give away specific forbidden knowledge that, for the time being, we prefer to keep secret (partially, because it also has to do with our know-how). Why:Because the wearer of "Pendant X" has now advanced to such a level that he/she desires, requires or needs a more powerful orgone to further extend his/her exploration of the unknown. When:This depends solely on the user: on how fast, and far, he/she has advanced and on the level of his/her self-awareness. How many:We have 7 versions of each of our orgones.Usually, the rest of the few groups that are able to create authentic orgones may go up to version 2, and a couple of them may make it up to level 3; but we are actually the only group that can create 7 different levels. Additional Clarifications:Q: Does it mean that version 1 is not powerful enough, so as for the user to perform what you guys describe in the product descriptions of your authentic orgones?A: On the contrary, they are powerful and are doing exactly what we describe.  Q: Are there orgonites that fall in-between of a version, like version 1.5?A: Yes. They are generally the customized orgones that someone can request. Let us say for example that you want the Delphic Pendant, and on top of that, you require two more features that would serve your purpose. In this case, these two additional features would be incorporated into your Delphic Pendant; thus, turning the orgone pendant to what is known as a version 1.5 orgone pendant. Q: So why do you not give to the people a Version 2 from the get-go?A: Because you may never require a version 2 authentic orgone, because your vibrational levels are not high enough to handle Version 2 and thus, you will literally get knocked out (keep in mind that we are talking about authentic orgones here), because of the cost – version 2 of authentic orgones can cost a lot more than a version 1 orgone and so forth.

3. Price Tag

The actual price tag of the Golden Dragon is NOT the one that you see here (although you can get a hint by reading the specific section of our guide)!

If you are truly interested in getting your hands on the Golden Dragon, and also want to know its actual price tag, than make your request by directly contacting us through the following link (aka, our contact form):

(Click Here): Contact us directly and request the Golden Dragon

*** Please Note: ONLY individuals that have created their official customer account, in AGR Online, can contact us and make the request for the Golden Dragon. 

Overall, the Golden Dragon is an ultra powerful orgone pendant that is not meant for everyone but for the advanced individual in the fields of orgones or for an individual that requires a lot of protection or wants to affect directly matters of synchronicity! 

Dimensions:Diameter bottom: 4.7 cm - Diameter top: 3 cm - Thickness: 2 cm Weight:

ca: 70 gr Base Materials:Orgone pendant with the Delphic Epsilon, gold plated (24K) MWO by Lakhovsky, made of bronze in the front, and a MWO wave oscillator in the base that transforms non harmonious energies to harmonious, containing an SBB copper coil for strengthening and directing the energies. Additional materials, among others, include: Iron oxide powder, selenite powder, smoky quartz powder, black tourmaline powder, Ormus, clear quartz crystals, lapis lazuli, blue fluorite and citrine. Also includes copper, bronze and aluminium shavings. All materials that have been used are 100% chemical pure!!! Moreover, added are:Shavings of bronze, copper and aluminum, powder of blue color, crystals of lapis lazuli, citrine, clear quartz, pink quartz, amethyst, green and pink tourmaline.

Pure Gold flakes and 100% chemical pure and 5G & EMF block.

More Details about the MWO:In the center of the pendant the is a double copper coil that directs and energizes orgone energy.In the base of the pendant there is an MWO wave oscillator that transforms non harmonious energies to harmonious.


Mega Library of the 700+ Occult Books collection

AGR Esoteric Book Collection 002 View

The Mega Library of advanced Esoteric Science, Magic and the Occult - Books collection (700+ books so far)!

In alignment to our goals we have further expanded our existing Online Library by adding 700+ books for advanced Esoteric Science, Magic and the Occult.
(Current total file size: 1,3+ GB)

To our existing library (which you can find by clicking the link below)

Online Library of Ancient Greece Reloaded

we have added an additional collection of 700+ books so far that focus on Advanced Esoteric Science, Magic and the Occult (ranging from white to black magic).

For anyone that is interested in it, the next question, would be:

How can I get it? 

There are basically 2 options available.

Option 1:

You complete your order through here.

Then, you go ahead and register in our Forum by clicking on the link below:

Forum: Ancient Greece Reloaded

Afterwards, you just contact us by clicking the link below:

Contact Us

and tell us with which email address you did make your registration.

From there, we take care of the rest (aka, activating your registration and elevating your status to an Olympus member)

Option 2:

You enter our private forum through the link below:

Forum: Ancient Greece Reloaded

1. You register and under your Profile you click the "Action" button and choose "Paid Subscriptions".
2. You complete your order through PayPal and you will be elevated to the Olympus Status in our Forum. 
Regardless with which option you choose to proceed the entire library will become available to you.

(PS: Status upgrades etc. may take up to 24 hours).


Etherion - the powerful QUINTUPLE MWO Orgone pyramid

AGR Quintuple-MWO-001 View

The Quintuple MWO Pyramid
The Quintuple MWO Pyramid is structured based on Cheops original pyramid and forms a (truly) very powerful Orgone.

Unique in its design, and material combination, it also acts as a Psychotronic generator opening the gates to the highest dimensions and the highest astral planes. Additionally, even in these highest echelons, it manages to turn the DOR energies into OR energies; something that is very rare to be accomplished – even among Orgones.

Moreover, every (negative) low-vibrational energy, or negative and dark entity, that enters the area of its influence is transformed into P-OR energy (Possitive Orgone).

5G & EMF block.

Any etheric, astral and magical attack that is coming at you is violently repelled with a 100% efficiency.

Your etheric body, your aura and all of your energies are cleansed and purified.

Something that you need to understand is that: the power/energy known as “orgone” despises corners with the exception of the ones that are based on the Cheops pyramid.

The reason: it is of crucial importance that the analogy of - Φ base/height - has to be accurate to the “point”; and the rule of golden section has to be applied. The striking majority of pyramids that are sold out there do not even come close to that accuracy, they cannot attain the results of an authentic Orgone and are practically fakes!

All of our pyramids, that are sold through Ancient Greece Reloaded are authentic, have been tested for over 30-40 years, and their results are guaranteed!

Furthermore, the combination of the chemical pure copper beads, the clear quartz crystals, the selenite and the 5 MWO Lakhovsky wave oscillators… create a full spectrum of “violent” DOR to OR transformation.

What does that mean?

On the one hand, it cleanses and balances your energies… it allows you to strengthen and to guide the various energies in any direction you desire (as long as you know how to do it) while, on the other hand, any (negative) entity – i.e. ghosts, spectres, Voladores, Mora, para-dimensional beings, black shadows etc. – are completely and effectively repelled.

The effects of the Quintuple MWO Pyramid do literally reach the highest etheric fields!

Notice: The area that a pyramid can cover is specific. Meaning that, if you can afford to buy only one pyramid than place it close to the area of the house, or office, in which you usually are located in. On the other hand, if you can afford to buy multiple pyramids (aka, creating an orgone energy cocoon) you can also contact us and we will guide you on how many pyramids you may need, where to place them and how to place them.

Where to use the Quintuple MWO Pyramid (some examples)::
In your office: to advance your career, to increase your wealth and to protect yourself from enemies.

In your car: to create a protective energy-grid for safe travel.

In your house: for balancing the energies, for harmonize the auras and to form a protective-grid for you and your family… which also will provide you with a calm and peaceful feeling.

Next to your bed: for peaceful sleeping without nightmares.

… and the list goes on and on …

Magic / Occult:
For Invocation and by strengthening your magical circle (however notice: if you intend to invoke dark entities, the Quintuple MWO Pyramid will destroy them before even being able to materialize).

For Astral projections and for protecting your astral body from any negative attacks (remember: The Quintuple MWO Pyramid influences even the highest etheric, and astral, fields).

For intuition and for cognitive space-time sliding (that is effective for exploring past/future lives and for making future predictions… that is, if you know how to do it).

For (highly) advanced meditation.

… and the list goes on and on …

Base Materials
Quintuple pyramid with 5 mwo wave oscillators, 5 gold plated (24K) MWO by Lakhovsky, 4 in the four sides of the pyramid an one in the pyramid’s base. The pyramid contains chemical pure copper beads, a 3D SBB coil for strengthening and directing the energy, selenite powder, clear quartz crystals,Ormus, lapis lazuli, blue fluorite and citrine.

(Please Note: in our product description we did use the term “base materials”. The key word is “base”, deriving from basic. Nevertheless, your Orgones include more materials and techniques in them that we do not mention for obvious reasons!)

8.5 X 8.5 X 6 (length-width-height, in cm)

Weight: ca 550 gr

This design is Copyright by AGR © 2018


Gaia - Mother Earth’s Orgone for its nature

AGR Gaia - 001 View

Gaia (the evolution of EZAP): Mother Earth’s Orgone for plants, crops and trees!!! The Gaia Orgone that is meant to protect your plants, your trees and your harvests (or any agricultural crops) from all negativity and contamination.Regardless if you are a farmer or someone that loves mother nature, pro or amateur, Gaia is the Orgone that you would want to have in your possession. What it does and area of influence:Gaia can cover an area of roughly 1 acre (ca 4,000 square meters).The Gaia Orgone penetrates the energy fields of the area that it protects.

5G & EMF block.Consequently, it revitalizes and strengthens all Flora of that area by also transforming any deadly DOR energy into POR-Orgone energy!!! In a sense, Gaia positively reinforces the area of its influence.   All of your crops, your harvests, the trees and the plants – inside of Gaia’s area of influence – become healthier, stronger and more fruitful (you will be amazed in this respect).

*** So as to be on the safe side: Just using Gaia and no other means to protect your crops, you most probably will mess up things. Orgones support and strengthen they are not a panacea for everything.   Placement/Positioning:In order to use the Gaia-Orgone you need to dig a small hole to the ground of a depth between 10 to 15 cm, and place Gaia in such a way that the copper-tube is outside the ground while the main resin construction is inside the earth! Construction and Base Materials:Gaia is an Orgone which is created from clear resin, chemical clear copper beads, silicon, black iron oxide powder, zeolite powder, 6 red garnet crystals (3 visible in the base of Gaia and 3 inside the construction), a black tourmaline  crystal wrapped with copper wire, aligning to tesla coil structure, and a tomsonite zeolite inside the main coil of the construction; which is also forms the core of Gaia. Moreover, a copper tube with a diameter of 28mm is positioned at the top of the construction, and inside the tube, there is a mix of clear resin, zeolite powder and black iron oxide powder.

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