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The Cubic Healing Stone Energy Necklace

DeMar LV-HE-CUBE-68A View

Cubic, the all around balancer of your chakras. 

The Cubic Healing Stone Energy Necklace is an energy infused power necklace that is created solely from pure high quality Volcanic Lava Stone, pure cubic Hematite and pure 925 Silver.

All of its gemstones have been purified and cleansed one by one. What is more, it has been energy infused with Moon Energies deriving from both Mt Athos and Mt Pelion.

Finally, the entire necklace is geared towards inner balance and chakra healing, throughout the entire zones of your chakras, with the aim of solid inner tranquility.

In other words, if you are active in a very stressful environment and are looking for something that can calm you - hence, allowing you to obtain a calm mind and heart, that will allow you to restore once again your inner balance throughout your body - this necklace is made just for you. 

Base Materials:
Pure high quality Volcanic Lava Stone, Hematite Cubic gemstones and pure 925 Silver

Size of Beads:
8 mm Volcanic Lava Stone and Hematite 

Necklace Length:
ca 48 cm 

This design is Copyright by DeMar © 2020


The Black and White Yin and Yang Pearl Necklace

DeMar Neckl-BW-226SS View

The Black and White Yin and Yang Pearl Necklace is a, limited edition, high-end energy healing Necklace designed to stand elegant on you while wearing it.

It has been specifically designed, and energy infused, so as to focus on Chakra healing, positive energy transformation and to increase tremendously the focus of your mind, to provide you with clarity of thoughts and to heal the negative energies accumulated throughout the day.

For these purposes the Black and White Pearl Necklace has solely been based on AAA+ Freshwater Pearls, Hematite, Black Onyx, Yin and Yang energy bead and 925 pure Silver. 

Pure and Elegant is what best describes the Black and White Yin and Yang Pearl Necklace.

Additional Used for or during:Meditation and Yoga, Energy Healing
Base Materials:High quality Black Onyx, Hematite (cube), Pure Freshwater Pearls, Yin and Yang energy bead and 925 pure Silver. Black Onyx beads:4 mm

White Pearls:7-8 mmHematite Beads (cube):8 mm

Colours:Black, White, Ash-Grey and Silver

Necklace Length:

ca. 70 cm closed as a necklace (total length: 140 cm)
By,DeMar This design is Copyright by DeMar © 2021 

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