Tag: Cretan Bull

Asterion – the legendary king of Crete, husband of Euro...

Asterion – the legendary king of Crete!

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Androgeus – prince of Crete; and his death ultimately l...

The story of prince Androgeus!

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King Augeas – the owner of the Augean Stables in Hercul...

The story of the famous King Augeas!

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Copreus - King Eurystheus' herald who announced Heracle...

The herald of the famous King Eurystheus!

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The Twelve labors of Hercules (Full and Complete Versio...

The complete version of the 12 labors of Heracles!

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The Cretan / Marathonian Bull – the father of the Minot...

Everything you need to know about the Cretan / Marathonian Bull!

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