Tag: Priam

Telamon – the king of Salamis, a hero, the father of Aj...

The story of Telamon – the famous king of Salamis!

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Polymestor or Polymnestor – the king of Thrace during t...

Polymestor, the king of Thrace and his role in the Trojan War!

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Tithonus – the lover of Eos, the Goddess of the Dawn!

The story of Tithonus the lover of the goddess Eos!

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Princess Creusa – the daughter of Priam and Hecuba and ...

The story of the famous Princess Creusa!

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Hermione – the famous daughter of Menelaus and Helen of...

The full story of Hermione!

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The Trojan Cetus – the sea-monster related to Troy’s hi...

Everything you need to know about the Trojan Cetus!

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