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Phobos and Deimos – The Gods of Fear and Dread (Video)

In this video we will look into these two lovely chaps, showcase their stories and how they affected everything; always based on Ancient...

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Nike – The Goddess of Victory

In this video we talk about Nike. Nike was the goddess of victory; and sister to Kratos – the god of war, Zelus (zeal) and Bia (power).

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Zelus – The God of Zeal and Passion

In this video we talk about Zelus. Zelus was the god of dedication, envy, emulation, eager rivalry, jealousy, and zeal; and brother...

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Bia – The Goddess of Might and Power

In this video we talk about Bia. Bia was the goddess of Might, brute force and Power and sister to Kratos – the god of war.

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PANDORA: The famous woman with the powerful "Mystery Box"

The woman that Zeus sent as a beautiful and treacherous evil to mortals in punishment for their possession of Prometheus' stolen fire.

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