The 5 Ages of Man and Atlantis (Chronologies, Explanations and Mythology)

The 5 Ages of Man and Atlantis

In this video we will talk about the 5 Ages of Humanity, mainly based on Hesiod’s works, a little bit about Atlantis and we will also try to pinpoint the Ages chronologically; based on Ancient Greek sources. Obviously, we can only touch upon the main factors and much of it is open for discussion; regardless, we do hope that you will find our video interesting.

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PS: At some instances I might have been too close to the mic… I apologize for that since it was 4 AM to 5 AM when I was creating the video…

PS 2: Instead of breaking the video in two parts we decided to provide you with the entire video in one go.

PS 3: Some pictures are used in a metaphorical way… so guys, do not get stuck if a picture – let us say – portrays a god but is used, for the video’s purposes, for some different reason; instead, focus more on what the video tries to tell you ;-)

Enjoy… :-)