The Golden Dragon Orgone Pendant

The Golden Dragon Orgone Pendant - the upgraded Version 2 of our orgone pendants!

The Golden Dragon Orgone Pendant

Hi guys, since we receive a lot of emails about how does an actual Version 2 orgone pendant look like - in the picture we have added the Golden Dragon which is the upgraded version of our Blue Dragon (which is version 1).
The Golden Dragon just takes everything that the Blue Dragon does and catapults it, into a whole new dimension.
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PS1: Please keep in mind that to receive the specific orgone pendant have to contact us directly (it is not sold through your typical checkout process from our online store). If you desire to receive that specific pendant, please contact us directly by clicking on the following link:

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PS2: this is a private photo so no complains here

PS 3: Just for reference: the Golden Dragon, as an orgone pendant, is bigger and heavier than the Blue Dragon (it also includes 100% chemical pure Gold!!!).