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Ancient Greece Reloaded is designed based on two pillars: the one is articles that we ourselves are writing about while the second foundation is a collection of works, articles and data from all around the world.

Consequently, every time we are approaching matters via the second pylon we will always provide the sources that we did utilize for the specific sections. That is because in our opinion credits have to go to the ones that did the original work (the authors of the articles if you prefer).

Moreover, our experience has demonstrated to us that by just providing a link beneath, of let us say an article, does not necessarily increase chances of someone visiting the original source. Hence, instead of just a "copy-paste" style link-reference we added the direct-links of our sources (in the sources section, at the bottom of each article); which in turn, will allow our visitors to access the original sources with just one button click.

Regarding the philosophy behind Ancient Greece Reloaded:

It is a website that has been created due to our passion, and love, for Ancient Greek Mythology (for more details click here: About Us ).

The spectrum of data available is as follows:

Archaeological Sites and Temples: The current section will focus on the main Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites and Temples spread out across all Greece.

Museums: The current section will focus on the Museums, regarding Ancient Greece, spread out all across Greece.

The Gods Of Olympus (Pantheon): Here you will find anything about the main Greek Gods of Olympus.

Gods and Goddesses: Here we focus on the main Greek Gods and Goddesses (besides the ones in the Pantheon); in this section, the Gods and Goddesses are divided in the following six groups: Agricultural, Chthonic, Health, Rustic, Sky, and Water deities.

Titans, Titanesses and the Protogenoi: The current section will focus on the main Titans and Titanesses of Ancient Greek Mythology. Moreover you will find information about the Protogenoi. Protogenoi is the term/name that is used to describe the beings or the gods, before the gods; or the Ancient Ones (if you prefer Lovecraft's terminology).

Giants (Gigantes): The current section will focus on most the prominent Giants.

Legendary Heroes: Here you will find everything regarding the famous Greek Heroes of Ancient Times.

Legendary Monsters: Here you will find everything regarding the famous Greek Monsters of Ancient Times.

Legendary Love Stories: Here you will read about Love Stories that became Legends and transcended space and time.

Ancient Greek Philosophy: Everything about Ancient Greek Philosophy.

Atlantis vs Athens: The Mega-War of Wars in the Ancient World that, even after 12000 years, remains till today the most famous of all.

Mythology in a Nutshell: The Quick Tour in the enormous sphere of Ancient Greek Mythology.

Myths and Stories: Myths and Stories that transcended space and time.

Major Themes and Myths: Here you will find the Major Themes and Myths that characterize Ancient Greek Mythology.

Timeline: The current section will focus on the Mythological and Historical Timeline(s) of Ancient Greece.

The Complete Family Tree Of The Gods: Consider it like the family-tree line of each God (or the Ancient Greek Gogs' origins if you prefer).

Zodiac Signs and Greek Mythology: The area about the Zodiac Signs in Ancient Greek Mythology.

Ancient Greek Alphabet: This is the section that illustrates to you 8 different Ancient Greek Alphabets.

Wars and Battles: This section focuses on famous wars and battles that occurred in ancient times.

Great Scientists: Here you will find the biographies, works and legacies of over 100+ Ancient Greek Scientists.

Great Greeks Today: Here you will find the biographies of contemporary Greeks who continue to maintain the fire that has been first sparked by the Great Ancient Greeks.

Our Mobile Application: We created a mobile application (currently available for Android and BlackBerry devices) that will allow you to have Ancient Greece Reloaded at your disposal anytime.

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