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Question: What exactly is Ancient Greece Reloaded?
Answer: Ancient Greece Reloaded is, in a sense, an online reference library in which articles, researches, data, info etc. from all around the world are gathered that are related to Ancient Greece and Ancient Greek Mythology.

Imagine it more like an actual library. When you enter a library you will find countless books in its shelves (in our case, the books are referring to Ancient Greece). So you pick up a book and read it.

Obviously enough, as it occurs with an actual library, the library does not own the rights of the books in its shelves but they belong to the actual writers. Similarly, in the case of Ancient Greece Reloaded, rights, copyrights etc. of the articles, or researches, which can be found in our website (referring to the ones that we did not write ourselves) belong to the actual authors who wrote them.

Question: How did you come to the idea of creating Ancient Greece Reloaded?
Answer: Almost every time when we wanted to look up something, in regards to Ancient Greece, we had to enter an online-maze of websites until we could come across to a quality article that would actual address our question. Consequently, it was time consuming; not to mention the fact that we had to cross-reference the data of these articles to confirm if the info provided in them, was valid or not.

Therefore, we tried to address all the aforementioned issues by creating Ancient Greece Reloaded; a place in which everything is collected into one place and all data provided in here has been cross-referenced for our visitors beforehand.

Question: Who has the copyrights etc. of the articles posted in here?
Answer: With the exception of the articles that we write ourselves (hence we own the copyrights of them), all copyrights etc. belong to the original authors, or websites, from which the material has been retrieved from.

Question: How do you choose which articles to post?
Answer: Solely based on three factors: Quality, Quality and Quality of the content! And obviously enough we cross-reference everything before uploading it to the website.

Question: Do you get paid or do you pay for the articles?
Answer: No and No. We do not pay anyone nor are we getting paid by the authors to include their articles in Ancient Greece Reloaded. What matters is the quality of their articles.

Question: How do the authors of the articles, and the websites from which the articles where retrieved from, benefit for being in Ancient Greece's Reloaded libraries?
Answer: Since our measurement is the quality and credibility of the articles that are displayed in Ancient Greece Reloaded, if an author sees his/her article(s) displayed in our website, that means that the author made a very good job.

In other terms, our visitors are reading only the best available articles that can be found out there. Respectively, the authors - or the specific sections of the websites that are presented in Ancient Greece Reloaded - are top notch.

Hence, by making use of the direct-links, provided in the sources section, our visitors can jump-straight to the original source (website) or follow the author.

Consequently, Ancient Greece Reloaded is (indirectly) advertising them; and no we are not getting paid for it.

Question: Do you write articles yourself and where can we find them?
Answer: Yes we do! Some of them you can find scattered inside Ancient Greece's Reloaded website. So the question is how do you distinguish them? Well, you either will see our signature "nikvas" at the end of the articles or no signature at all (rarely); but what distinguishes them furthermore, is that in the sources section you will only see the literature review but no direct-links to other websites.

More of our articles you can find in our Forum (to be able to access them you will either have to sign in or register).

Finally, inside Ancient Greece Reloaded you will see a section called "Brainstorming" which is the corner where we post most of our articles and researches.

In other terms, it is the section exclusively devoted to the articles that are written by the Ancient Greece Reloaded Team; and nikvas.

Question: Donations - how do you use the donations you receive?
Answer: To begin with, all our work is provided to our visitors for free. We do it because we love what we are doing and we have fun doing it.

Consequently, this leads us to the question: how do we utilize the donations? Obviously enough we use the money to pay for our servers (which are top notch and SSD). Moreover, if we will be able to accumulate enough donations we will use that money to launch more advanced projects regarding Ancient Greece.

Nevertheless, if that will ever be the case, we will make the necessary announcements to everyone in due time.

Question: What is the purpose of Ancient Greece Reloaded?
Answer: In a nutshell, to make it the gathering point for all people that love Ancient Greece and its Mythology.

Question: Why do you require name/surname etc. during the registration process of the Forum?
Answer: Mainly for two reasons. One, to keep spammers and boots out of our forums! We did not create the forums so as for spammers to mess up things (and if someone will ever enter the forums to spam, then he/she will immediately be banned; permanently!)

Two, so as for anyone who intends to become a member of our community to be serious about it (we are pretty confident that you do understand what we mean by that).

Question: Is my private data protected and who can see my data (i.e. name, email etc.)?
Answer: Yes, you private data is fully protected.

No member (!!!) can see your name, email etc. All this data is visible ONLY to you and to no other member!

With only one exception: your username (aka, the nickname that you will choose to use in the Forum). So guys please, during your registration, in the username-filed do NOT put your real name BUT your nickname.

Question: Do you intent to sell our data to any company or marketing people?
Answer: NO!!! We clearly state that this will never be the case!

We ourselves are very sensible when it comes to privacy and private data, and we DO NOT intent to do stuff that we ourselves would dislike experiencing; and one of that is seeing our private data being sold to some third-party companies etc.

So rest assured this will never be the case.

Question: What are the communication tools used in the forum so as for members to communicate with each other?
Answer: We have pretty much integrated, in our Forum, a plethora of communication tools that our members can utilize.

In short, you can use the following communication tools: Life-Chat, PM, Emails, Your own Blog and Message-Board located in your Profile (yep, our members can create their own blog and board in our Forum), Shout-box, Creating a new topic or answering to other members' replies (well, that is the main purpose of a forum anyway).

The only thing that we did not include is the "video-call" option; otherwise we would defeat the entire philosophy and purpose of a forum.

Question: What differentiates the Forum from the Website?
Answer: To begin with, both the website and the forum are two aspects of Ancient Greece Reloaded and they overlap each other.

What sets the Forum apart is the fact that in there members can directly communicate with each other in a dynamic nature. Also in the forum a member can access material that is not displayed in the website; for example researches from various universities or in-depth analysis of various concepts etc.

Question: Who can participate in the Forum?
Answer: Virtually everyone (its free anyway!) as long as the member complies with the forum's rules.

Question: What are you guys currently doing in the Forums?
Answer: Obviously we are carrying out discussions, update and increase the content of our forum, extend our knowledge through researches and so forth. Moreover, the forum is the place in which members can directly communicate with us and our team.

Question: Do you update your articles or add new sections and material to your websites and Forum? If yes, what is the timeframe for it?
Answer: Yes we do! And we do it constantly! When do we do it? Hm, depends on the material that we are reviewing and how big a section will be. Bottom line, what we do we do it because we love doing it and we want to have fun while doing it!

Hopefully, you will like what we are doing and enjoy Ancient Greece Reloaded. and you will support our work.

Question: How can we support Ancient Greece Reloaded?
Answer: There are various ways of how you can support us:
Through Donations to support us covering server costs or helping us launching new projects,
by telling your friends about us; since we don't really advertise, so word of mouth is how we grow,
if you like writing quality articles and publish them in Ancient Greece Reloaded, please feel free to contact us (and if you intent to write a plethora of quality articles we will create your own corner to publish the articles inside Ancient Greece Reloaded)
by buying us a cup of coffee (we will love you for that).

Question: Is there anything else you would like to say?
Answer: Zeus... is watching you!

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