The current section will focus on the Mythological and Historical Timeline(s) of Ancient Greece.

You will find the necessary (historical) information as well as further sources that will allow you to extend your research.

Ancient Greece's Historical Timeline; from how it all began until recent years…

Sneak Peek

The Origins

The Times of Gods and Titans

Although generally believed to be the first gods...

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The term Ogygia is used in respect to Prof. Stagiritis Athanasios massive work, ...

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Heroic Age

It is the time in which heroes like Hercules (renowned for his strength and for...

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The Beginning of History

Atlantis vs Athens

The story of the Isle of Atlantis first occurs in Plato's two dialogues the...

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Mesolithic to Bronze Age

Earliest evidence of burials found in Franchthi Cave in the Argolid, Greece...

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Minoan to Mycenaean Period

Minoan Protopalatial Period Early (1900-1700 BCE)...

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