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Coronavirus: Getting the Facts Straight
and What You Should Know and Do!

This article has been written AFTER we did carefully study most, if not all, available material of what the experts – from all around the world – had to say about the coronavirus.

And when we say experts, we are referring to the actual experts:

There is a conceptual different between an epidemiologist and a gynaecologist.

You do get the difference correct?

Moreover, by leaving all political BS aside, has allowed us to form a respectively complete, and accurate, picture of how things actually are.

Keep in mind though that the article has been written with caution and with the sole purpose to inform you, the reader, by avoiding all nonsense as much as possible (also keep in mind that the article only reflects our own opinions… and nothing more).

What is more, the article has also been written with the goal to clear any nonsense – and misconceptions – that are flying around.

For instance: some "experts" came out and stated that people should stop having sex for 20 days.

Are you for real?

Think about it: you live together with your wife in the same apartment, you sit side by side on the couch… and one of you has the virus; rest assured your partner will be infected guaranteed. Do you believe that sex is the issue? Seriously?

Some common sense … anyone?!

Read the article and you will realize why we made the aforementioned claim.

Furthermore, the article has been written in such a way that it can be understood by anyone!

In the potential question:

"If my doctor says A but you guys write B, whose advice should I listen to?"

Clearly, you will listen to what your Doctor has to say!

We consider the answer obvious.

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Let us begin and see what exactly is going on with the Coronavirus…

Is it a coincidence that the Coronavirus originated from China?

In contrast to what many conspiracy theorists believe, an expert in infectious disease epidemiology, from the USA, did actually make such a prediction in one of his books (we think his name was Michael Osterholm or something).

To be more precise, what he stated was that the new big epidemic will actually originate from China via one of its big cities (memory serving us well, he did make that statement 1 or 2 years ago).

Here is how he justified his prediction:

In contrast to the Western (civilized) World, the Chinese people are not so prone to sanitary measures (not to mention what some of them actually eat as well).

To help you understand it better:

Imagine the large open markets that you see in your own country, where you can buy all sorts of ingredients. Well, in China, the open markets’ (see also the known "wet markets") sanitary level is way below the level of your own (Western) country.

And when we say way below, we mean: wayyyyyyyy below!

What is more, these open markets are either attached to a big Chinese city or found somewhere inside of these Metropolis.

Add to it the special connection that our Chinese friends have with "some animals" and the puzzle connects perfectly.

We believe that you are starting to understand what went on, correct?

In other terms: it was just a matter of time for it to happen!

How did the Coronavirus spread?

Officially, the Coronavirus made its first “majestic” appearance in the Chinese city of Wuhan .

So, what is so special about this Metropolis of a city anyway?


It is an industrial city but with global reach (i.e. Honda, Citroen, GM and Renault are all there).


It is a city that is packed with research centres and Universities. We presume that you can imagine how many people (from all around the globe) went in and out from this city.


It is one of China’s top financial centres.


It is a globally connected financial hub. Which means that business people from all around the globe (especially Europeans) visit (or visited) this city constantly.


The city, and the region around it, is a tourist attraction. Indeed, it is a very beautiful region; but that also means that tourists from everywhere would visit the region and then, travel back to their respective countries.

So, what happened?

Before the issue of the Coronavirus hit the mass media a timeframe of 4 to 6 weeks did pass.

During this time period people from all around the world would visit the city (and the region), constantly… and then, return back to their countries.

Hence, the visitors would become the carriers of the Coronavirus and spread it all around in a dormant form; while, in the meantime, the global community would still have no idea what is going on.


Until the Chinese government could effectively respond against this threat… they tried to explain/justify the unexplainable. Not to mention the fact, that at the beginning the Chinese government did not realize the extent of the damage that the Coronavirus could cause.

In other terms:

The Chinese government messed up!

In the meantime, people continued to enter and to exit China… thus, the virus spread…

Finally, when the Coronavirus issue did hit the mass media, the damage was already done and shit went down all around the globe!

The Initial Response and what happened to Italy?

Originally, people and governments were caught with their pants down.

The first to take the matter seriously were the Chinese followed by East Asian countries.

The reason is obvious: China was the first to be hit by the Coronavirus hence, and in contrast to the rest, they were already experiencing the negative effects of the Coronavirus.

Moreover, the Chinese government “took its bloody time” to accurately inform the rest of the world... for obvious reasons we presume?!

What is more, in contrast to most of the East Asian countries, the rest of the world – especially the governments and most of the citizens of the Western World – took the entire matter lightly.

For example, the citizens of Italy – as a typical South European country – laughed it off and did the exact opposite of what the experts suggested them to do.

In fact, most of them, didn’t give a damn about the Coronavirus and continued their life without taking any countermeasures.

Only a few of them realized the actual gravity of the situation.

...And the rest became the tragic history that we witness today...

On the other hand, when comparing the Greek government to the Italian, the Greek government was given the "wisdom of history".

What do we mean by that?

It means that since Italy was hit first, the Greek government saw beforehand what was happening and thus, had the time to respond more successfully.

Does that mean that the Greeks are following the advices of the experts?

Unfortunately, NO!

The "funny" thing though is that the ones that are NOT following the advices of the experts are:

Most of the elderly people (which are also the ones that could be affected the most and die from the Coronavirus)

Teenagers, who just don’t give a crap.

Public Servants. Yep, especially the school teachers! Since schools have been closed in Greece, they are getting paid for virtually doing nothing. So, what have they decided to do (together with most of the other public servants)? To hit the beaches and the islands for vacations!!! Seriously, this is what is happening in Greece!

Even today, as this article has been written (as of 22 March, 2020) we see people acting this way on a global scale!

(Such behaviour forced the Greek government to go for a total lockdown, as of March 22/23, 2020!)

In one line: Idiots!

How does the Coronavirus spread and function?

The basis of the Coronavirus is similar to the one of influenza.

As flu is able to spread from one person to another, so does the Coronavirus spread.

BUT… this is where the similarities between a flu and the Coronavirus end!

The main characteristic of the Coronavirus is its aggressive nature to spread from one host to another one!

The main medium that the Coronavirus uses to spread is... air!

To be more precise through: the saliva, sneezing, as you speak and microdroplets escape from your mouth etc.

One simple cough contains roughly 3000 microdroplets.

The Coronavirus can survive for roughly 3 hours through the microdroplets. That is also why, the area in which the Coronavirus usually survives the most is the area of your face.

Finally, small microdroplets (we think that this is the correct term in English) are roughly 30 times smaller than the width of a human’s hair!

What does that mean?

It means that these small microdroplets can float in the air for many hours.

This is why the Coronavirus spreads through the air!!!

Imagine the following scenario:

There is an area packed with people (i.e. churches, supermarkets etc) in which fresh air is limited. Now, there are a couple of people (or only one is enough) that have the Coronavirus in a dormant state for the time being.

Now, he/she coughs or sneezes and the microdroplets are in the air.

A minute, or so, another person passes through the area where these microdroplets are floating.

Can you guess what will happen next?


The other person has just been infected!

Moving on…

The second medium that the Coronavirus uses to spread are the surfaces

Researches have shown that the Coronavirus can survive on surfaces made of metal, glass and plastic up to 9 days. Moreover, in the case of low temperature the 9 days become 28 days!

(Now that we think about it there is a movie called 28 days later… huh?!)

What is more, the researches have shown that on surfaces that are made of bronze/copper, the Coronavirus dies within 4 hours!

During the past ages, knights and the sort, where wearing armours that contained bronze/copper… researches also have shown that:

History lesson 101:

A long exposure to bronze can cause your blood to turn blue-ish (any blue bloods around?)

During the big epidemics in the past, many nobles, knights etc… where able to survive! Can you guess why? Exactly: due to the bronze, or copper, in their armour!

Finally, so far, researches have not reached a decisive conclusion on how long the Coronavirus can survive on your clothes (not enough data available).

Nevertheless, in regards to your clothes that you are wearing to go out... wash them, or at least, air them (like on your balcony in which fresh air could cleanse them to some extend).

How does the Coronavirus operate?

As if its aggressive nature is not enough, the Coronavirus is also a very underhanded virus.

Why is that?

Because even though you might get infected by the Coronavirus nevertheless, for a few days (usually for 4 days) you may not exhibit any symptoms.

Hence, as you continue your everyday life, believing that you are healthy, in essence… you are spreading the virus around, to others, that you come in contact with.

The First Symptoms:

When the Coronavirus finally hits you, the first symptoms are:


After 2 to 7 days, dry cough

Mild breathing difficulties from the beginning

Gastrointestinal Issues


The above are the original symptoms. As you can see, these symptoms are very similar with the ones of a flu.

Which makes the Coronavirus a very sneaky one!

What makes the Coronavirus so dangerous is the fact that as it appears of (finally) leaving you…

It comes back, and hits you, usually with Pneumonia!

And in conjunction with Pneumonia you can also develop a high fever.

And as if this is not enough, the Coronavirus can also hit your kidneys and cause kidney failure.

The combination of some, or all of the above, is the usual reason that leads most people to death!

What should you do?

If you so happen to realize the original symptoms, you isolate yourself in your own home, away from others (so as not to spread the virus), and you call your doctor asap.

Next, the exam will show you if you have actually been hit with the Coronavirus or if it’s just a flu.

From there on, your doctor will guide you.

Who are in danger and why?

Usually, the ones that are in danger (not always but usually) are the vulnerable groups, people that are already having severe health issues regardless of age… and the elderly people.

The reason?

Because their immune system is already in a bad shape (or… let’s just say vulnerable). Add to the already weakened immune system: high fewer, pneumonia and possible kidney failure and… certain death is the outcome.

The reason of the isolation that the governments are talking about is not for the healthy people, or youngsters, but in order to protect the aforementioned two groups.

Think about it this way:

You are healthy, have no issues etc… even if the Coronavirus hits you, you will most probably go through it with “ease” (the term ease is being used in the broader sense of the meaning).

The same though does not apply for the previous two groups.

Is there a therapy against the Coronavirus?

Nope, as of today there is none!

But according to the big Pharmaceuticals there should be a therapy by the end of summer (or at least, that is what they are suggesting).

It goes without saying that the political-economic war that is currently happening on a global scale is enormous.

The first one to find the therapy… Checkmate mother****ers!

"Funny" side note about our "tight-ass" German friends:

The Germans got seriously pissed at Donald Trump (you know, the US president) who tried to buy out (maybe in a sneaky way???) a German research institution that claims to be very near to a therapy against the Coronavirus.

Seriously… it is just B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. not personal… relax Miss Merkel… lol

What can you do in the meantime?

If you will indeed get infected by the Coronavirus well… you will most probably be fed with a ton of antibiotics and be attached to a ventilator (as long as there are any available in the hospital). If you do not belong to the 2 vulnerable groups (i.e. elders), you will most probably go through it and continue with your life.

If you do belong to the aforementioned two vulnerable groups… start praying!

In all seriousness, you are playing against the odds here… which are greatly affected by the state of your health (aka, immune system) as the Coronavirus hits you.

Finally, stay as much as you can at your home, away from gatherings that involve a lot of people, so as to slow down – as much as possible – the spread of the Coronavirus.

At this point, let us address the topic with all honesty and without any political bullshit!

Chances for the Coronavirus to spread are high.

Even if you isolate yourself inside your home, chances are that you might actually be infected by the Coronavirus at some point!!!

So, what’s the difference than?

Three Points:

1. It is a completely different story when you enter the hospital (for treatment) together with other 3 infected people… rather than, when entering it together with another 1000 people.

2. In essence, it all comes down to the fact that the Health Care system has limits. Slowing down the virus allows the Health Care system (like Hospitals) to stay on top of things. Otherwise, the Health Care system will crumble; this is the case in Italy right now in which also, doctors are forced to decide who they will let live or die (and usually, they are forced to leave elderly people in God’s hands).

3. You pray that when/if you will get hit by the Coronavirus, a therapy-antidote has been developed.

Immunity of the Herd vs (Mass) Isolation!

In essence, there are mainly two approaches available in dealing with the Coronavirus.

The first one is known as Immunity of the Herd and was originally adopted by countries such as the United Kingdom (aka, England).

So, what happens in this case?

People continue living their normal lives, you let the Corona virus sweep through the masses of the entire country and then…

After most people will get ill and as the Coronavirus will make its full circle… people will heal and the situation is over.

Truth be told, from the perspective of time and cost it is a highly effective method.

(Remember: the second main problem that will hit the Nations, after the case of the Coronavirus passes, is the damage on the global economy… which will be devastating for many, if the finance centres do not come up with a solution).

However, the approach of the Immunity of the Herd… comes with some serious drawbacks.

First: People will die during the entire process (imagine the political implications of it and the demagogy that will follow).

How would you feel if your father or mother would have to be sacrificed for it?

Second: Is it ethical to utilize the Immunity of the Herd in a society with elderly people and people that already have health issues; and hence, their chances of survival are slim?

Third: If during the entire process the number of people that will be infected by the Coronavirus surpasses the number of people that the Health Care system can deal with simultaneously… the system will crash.

Thus, the politicians after careful consideration, decided upon the approach that will cause less damage on their careers and images. Hence, they have opted for the second approach – aka, mass isolation.

(Seriously: Do you actually believe that most politicians give a crap about you? Common now, at least be honest to yourself…)

The Myth that heat can kill the Coronavirus, is it real?


Think about it this way: if you are down due to pneumonia, will summer heat save you?


The Myth that smokers will not get infected (due to nicotine) etc, is it real? Nope!

Actually, the exact opposite occurs. Smokers have a higher chance to get infected and to die from the Coronavirus.

*** Woman, grab my cigarettes… I am brainstorming right now!!!

Catch a drone-slipper instead… bam!!! ***

Masks and Gloves, do they help… Yes or No?

Let us start with the Masks.

When the experts were asked if Masks are helpful against the Coronavirus, the answer was: "Not really"!.

Please Note: We are referring to the common masks that you find in the shops around you and on the common surgical masks that people are wearing or the ones that the doctors are using.

Also, it should not strike you as a surprise why so many doctors get infected by the Coronavirus!

The main reason for their failure is the fact that these masks were not design to stop cases such as the Coronavirus!

Not to mention the fact that, the typical surgical masks do not attach themselves perfectly on the face hence, air goes through from all sides.

Also, do not forget something that we did mention previously:

The small microdroplets are 30 times smaller in width than a human hair which means, it goes through the masks!

Should you wear Masks or not?

Truth be told, you are playing against the odds here and the odds are not in your favour.

Hence, if you visit a place with lots of people (like supermarkets), wear the mask, to at least have a chance to win against the odds.

From there on, the masks are useless.

In regards to the elastic Gloves that are commonly used, should you wear them?

The correct answer is: "Yes, but…"

In order for the elastic gloves to be effective you will have to regularly change them (with a new pair) AND you should not touch your face!

Think of it this way:

What is the point in wearing elastic gloves when you constantly touch: railings, coins, different other metallic objects (like your keys), your mobile phone etc.

Afterwards, you take off the gloves and: you touch your mobile phone to scroll through it, you touch your keys to open the door of your house and so forth….

In essence, you are moving bacteria around.

Even if you wash your hands… once you touch your mobile phone, your hands get the bacteria again.

For the elastic gloves to be effective, you have to:

Change gloves frequently

You have to sanitize the stuff that you touch with your gloves (like mobile phone, keys etc)

In the case you do not have many elastic gloves around, you should wash your hands regularly (with soap) even if you are wearing gloves


You should not touch your face.

You do not touch objects that you do not intent to sanitize afterwards (i.e. your mobile phone). Use antiseptic tissues for that.

Use Bluetooth if possible.

Do not rub your hands on your clothes while wearing your gloves.

Change your gloves, with a new pair, after you finish what you were doing.

Otherwise, the elastic gloves will not help you much!

Antiseptic (Fluid) vs Soap and how to wash your hands and face:

The experts state that: if you use antiseptic fluid so as to substitute the washing of your hands, you will not accomplish much.

Between the two, prefer soap!

Having your all-time classic soap, is essentially all you need!

How to do it?

You wash your hands, with soap, for roughly 15 to 20 seconds (even between your fingers).

Once done with your hands, you proceed in washing your face especially the areas of: mouth, nose AND the eyes!

Why the eyes?

Because the infection can also spread through the eyes!

If you are perceptive, you would also have seen, on TV, that in some hospitals (especially in China) the masks that the doctors are wearing are also having some type of “protection shields/glass” that covers their eyes as well.

Why the worst is to come?

For the Coronavirus to make its full circle and before any government or experts can assess (more accurately) the situation, it takes at least 14 days from when the first "official person", that has been infected by the Coronavirus, gets pinpointed.

And based on the experts, every 4 days the number of infected people doubles!

In other words, if you are in a country in which 14 days have not passed… literally, nobody has any idea of the actual number!

Delivery Services:

Regardless of the fact of isolating yourself, inside your home, or continuing your everyday life, be careful of any type of delivery service.

Hopefully, you do still remember all the stuff that we wrote about in the previous paragraphs, like: how to perform sanitizations, how to wear your mask, how to wear your gloves etc.

The thing is that people who work for delivery services, due to the type of their work, constantly come in contact with a ton of people.

The question is: are they following the aforementioned steps?

If not, they are just passing around the infection!

How do you know?

You don’t!

Thus, from your side, do what you can do in order to protect yourself!

Coronavirus vs Church:

Any Religion, or Faith, if approached correctly can indeed elevate your soul and yourself.

They are indeed wonderful things if you approach them correctly.


At some point, the human factor intervenes and shit goes south!

Unfortunately, all religions all around the globe (especially their leadership) acted completely immature and were slow to react.

For the article’s purposes we will focus only on the Catholic and the Orthodox church.

How the Vatican, from Italy, responded and how the Orthodox church, from Greece, responded to the Coronavirus.

To begin with, Easter time is around the corner hence, it is understandable that the Churches are packed with people.

Originally, the Vatican was very slow to react but after the outcry of the experts… the Pope (was forced?) to close the Catholic churches so as to protect the people, especially the elders, from the spread of the Coronavirus.

We will not spend time in talking about the Cardinals.

Thus, Catholic churches remain open… which people can visit based on their own discretion. But ceremonies are mostly suspended.

Nevertheless, roughly half of the flock complained at the Pope for his actions and went after his holy ass.


Some common sense anyone?

The Pope is trying to protect you yet, you complain?

On the other hand, and unfortunately, the Orthodox church in Greece resisted a lot.

In other words: instead of following the footsteps of the Pope and some common logic what happened is as follows.

Most of the leadership, most of the episkopoi (in Greek: επίσκοποι – the equivalent of Cardinals in the Orthodox church), most priests and almost the entire flock (mostly the elderly people) wanted the churches to remain open and to continue their ceremonies.

To put things into perspective:

The majority of 25 to 45 years people try to isolate themselves and to do only the necessary work outside, they have closed their businesses – or are now unemployed - so as to protect who?

The elderly people (their parents and grandparents)!

And what do the elderly people of Greece do?

Most of them just don’t give a fuck! Same as the teenagers!

What do most of Greece’s public servants do, who are paid, but due to the Coronavirus, do not work (and afterwards will just resume their work normally)?

They just don’t care and hit the islands etc. for vacations!

And believe it or not, the Greek government is worried about how to pay their Easter-Bonus!

What does that mean?

It means that Greek public servants get additional bonuses during specific times all around the year (like Christmas etc).

(Such behaviour forced the Greek government to go for a total lockdown, as of March 22/23, 2020!)

And finally:

What happens to most of the people of the private sector who closed their businesses, or are now unemployed, and who have isolated themselves to protect the rest?

They receive the dual package of:

The banks offering them loans (hence, putting them into debt) and the Greek government’s royal middle-finger up their asses!

The main reason why we pinpoint the differences between the Greek public and private sector is because during the Greek crisis, the wannabe reporters from all around the globe made the Greek private sector appear as the bad guys… BUT… the reality is the exact opposite! (Believe it or not… thus, be very careful from where you get your information)

To conclude our story of Greek Government vs the Orthodox Church…

They have settled with the following agreement:

The ceremonies will continue to be performed, especially on Sundays. But instead for lasting a few hours, they will be done in roughly 1 hour (hence, the churches will be packed with elderly people).

And how do elderly people, in Greece, spend their time now?

Inside their homes?

You wish…

They have flooded the supermarkets and turned them into their new gathering areas…

Unfortunately, elderly people and youngsters from all around the globe are acting similarly and are looking down on the Coronavirus.

Until they will get infected and at that point… their perception will change!

Remember: Faith with no logic is just one step before turning into a fanatic.

Coronavirus vs Economy

We will keep this section short.

The Coronavirus will eventually pass… and indeed, people will die. That is an unfortunate fact!


The next danger, after the Coronavirus phase, is enormous.

Namely, how the global economy will be affected from all of it.

Especially, when it comes down to the everyday people and the mid to small size businesses.

You see, the big shots have either enough resources to cover their losses or “are too big to fail” hence, the governments will bail them out with the taxpayers’ money.

Many big corporations, all around the world, are already asking governments to pitch in billions.

On the other hand, if you own a small business, try going to your government and request a bail out… we reassure you that their middle finger will be big!

So, what should the Governments or the various Unions do (i.e. EU)?


Dear reader, once we will also receive the 5-digit monthly checks that these guys are receiving, we will post publicly our solution to that.

Till then, these 5-digits guys can work their asses off to find a viable solution to the problem.

To conclude:

People need to realize that: no aliens from Andromeda will come to save them nor any legions of angels will decent from the heaven to assist them.

Let’s get real for once!

Common logic in combination with accurate information, calmness and composure is all there is needed!

Stay safe guys!

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