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The real Alternative to Facebook is called: Doctrinum!

Have you ever asked the following questions to yourself?

"Is there an alternative to Facebook?"

"and why would I want to switch from Facebook to another social media platform"?

What is more, do you truly value your privacy?

Do you have enough of the fact that all of your data is being sold out to any (known and unknown) third party?

Are you sick and tired of all trolls, bullies, spammers that hide behind their anonymity but above all: are you sick and tired of all the toxic people that only know to hit you with all their negativity due to jealousy or whatever reason?

Would you like to be able to directly contact the team, simple and fast, so as to express your ideas or concerns?

The answer and solution to all of the aforementioned topics is called: Doctrinum!

This leads us to the first and obvious question: What on earth is Doctrinum?

Think of Doctrinum as Facebook on dope!

In short: Doctrinum was developed by the members of Ancient Greece Reloaded (AGR in short) by keeping the following things in mind:

Happiness and Enthusiasm
A corner in which people can express themselves freely, without any discrimination… a platform in which its members would respect each other and their preferences!

Therefore, the programmers of AGR asked (themselves) what they would like to use for themselves on a daily basis; and thus, Doctrinum was created.

Consequently, how does Doctrinum work?

As stated above, Doctrinum is Facebook on dope. It can do what Facebook can do but it also includes its own Forum, its own Blog, its own Marketplace, Pages, private messaging system, financial interactions between its members etc.

In other words: a member of Doctrinum can do what he or she already does on Facebook but that member can also run his or her own Blog inside Doctrinum, participate in its Forum and much, much more.

How much does it cost to use Docrtinum?


If you truly like what you will find inside Doctrinum, please consider in making a donation on the project of AGR to support us (or on Patreon) but you are not required to pay a single dime in order to use the platform of Doctrinum.

We DO NOT make money by selling our members’ or customers’ data to any third party.

Become a Patreon

Donate to the Project of AGR directly through PayPal

What also distinguishes Doctrinum (or AGR as a whole) from the rest of most other social media platforms, or any other platform, is that your data and privacy is kept that way; no third parties involved whatsoever.

In other terms, your data is NOT been sold or given to any third party.

To top everything off, as a member of Doctrinum you get full access to your own account and you can set up the entire privacy setting to your own liking or even, what data you want to remain completely hidden or to be shared with other members.

Reach ALL your followers!

Indeed, inside Doctrinum there are no hidden hindrances in order to block you from reaching your followers.

In other words, let us say that you have 10000 followers; each of your posts will reach all of them without you, having to pay anything for it.

And what if you ever decide to delete your account?

If you so decide, your account will be deleted immediately and all of your data will be purged.

Meaning, that there are no secret servers keeping a copy of your data or whatsoever. Everything will be erased completely!

Finally, what is our first step to keep away spammers, trolls, haters etc.?

Simple. So as to register you will also have to enter your mobile number (i.e. +1453555332) in which a text message is been send with the confirmation code.

(Please Note:
Our suggestion is that if you are using your private mobile number to register… then, once you register, go to your settings and delete it.
On the other hand, if it is your business mobile number and would also like to create your own business page… well, you might want to keep the number.
Obviously, you may also choose to make your account private thus, everything remains hidden from others; and hence, you do not need to do anything else. )

Moreover, anyone that is not a member of Doctrinum cannot see what is going on inside Doctrinum.

We are not looking for quantity of members.

We are looking for quality of members!

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of precaution, and security, steps that the programmers of AGR did take so as to protect the members of Doctrinum.

So, where does it lead us?

Frankly, it all comes down to what you, yourself, wish to experience as you are voyaging through the internet.

If you do not mind the fact that all of your privacy is being sold without you knowing much about it, you can continue doing what you are doing.

If you do not mind receiving hate male, being attacked by trolls etc., you can continue doing what you are doing.

On the other hand, if you value your own privacy, if you wish for a place of mutual respect in which you can express yourself without worries, a platform that brings back the original value of social media… Doctrinum is definitely the right community for you to be a member of.

Check out Doctrinum and who knows… you may actually fall in love with it and the freedom it provides you with!

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