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The Science behind Football

In our opinion before anything, the core of football is the ball itself (!) and the fun, which we get, of kicking that thing aroun...

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Can music help footballers play better?

Findings from a German study suggest teams raise their game when they listen to the same tune at the same time… Music is...

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Does Caffeine Enhance Player Performance?

Energy drinks have become widely popular in the athletic community. In past years, ingestion was primarily through coffee, tea and...

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The German Football Masterplan

Germany appears to have found the answer to Spain’s tiki-taka style and is a country on the threshold of greatness in European and...

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Is Home Advantage Really an Advantage?

In all sports, teams strive to gain home field advantage. Is this idea correct though?

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Soccer training improves heart health of men with type ...

A new study demonstrates that soccer training improves heart function, reduces blood pressure and elevates exercise capacity...

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